King Of Groove

Everybody wants to be a stareverybody wants to be accepted by the masseverybody wants to be raging firebut their heat don’t last Everybody wanta peek into my dreamsthey try to figure out if I’m just full of jiveeverybody wanta ride in my limousinebut nobody wants to drive chorus:But I’m the kingI’m the king of grooveyes […]

System Of Survival

The Human Race is runnin’ over meI punch a clock at 9 and 5Just tryin’ to make a livin’A plastic face on satellite TVSays, "Life is filled with give and take"He’s takin’ and I’m givinSo I dance (Hook)It’s my system of survival (SOS)I’m dancin’System of survival (SOS)It’s a system of survivalFuture revivalGreet the new arrival […]

Could It Be Right

If I came to you and I saidYou are my desire, would it last foreverIf I tell you endlesslyHow much you meand to meWill you stay foreverYou and I togetherLove changes, lives for betterDreams are made to let inLet’s take a ride to heavenHold me, shine your love tonightTender in the light, while we’re dancingHold […]

Something Special

Love is like something specialCompared to none, it’s pure celestialThe game of love and life is here to stayDay by day, your heart will find a way to win Love is like the same ole game we use to playHide and seek from yesterday is still in play Love is like something specialBurns like fire […]

Earth Wind & Fire

Are you satisfiedIn your life and timeDoes it clear you mindWith all the hurt you find Built on Mother EarthThey were meant to stayNations bloom todayOn gifts of yesterday Born of the Earth, are nature’s childrenFed by the Wind, the breath of lifeJudged by the fiery hands of God World goes by the handOf the […]


Maurice White, Verdine White, Larry Dunn and Philip Bailey Searching in the sky one night, while looking for the moonI viewed a mighty light approching in a zoomNeed was there to tell someone of my discoveryFifteen seconds later, a light appeared in front of meTo my surprise, there stood a man with age and mysteryHis […]

Be Ever Wonderful

Be ever wonderful, stay as you areTime is right, for you tonightFind your place among the broadway light, stay as you areand be ever wonderful, stay as you areGonna find a few, who will always walk with youoh baby – many people claim, but their view’s the same What I wanna do, and what I’d […]


Wanna thank you, Wanna thank youFreedom in stride, love, peace of mindWe just wanna give GratitudeGot plenty love we wanna give to youWith good music and we’re tryin’ to sayThat the Good Lord’s gonna make a way Open up your heart, let your body find,Freedom in your stride, love, peace of mindOne more time and […]