Shining Star

Yeah, heyWhen you wish upon a starDreams will take you very far, yeahWhen you wish upon a dreamLife ain´t always what it seems, oh yeahOnce you see your light so clearIn the sky so very dear You´re a shinig star, no matter who you areShining bright to see what you can truly beThat you can […]

Everything Is Everything

I hear voices, I see peopleI hear voices of many peopleI hear voices, I see peopleI hear voices of many peopleTalkin’ ’bout everything is everything I hear music, talkin’ ’bout loveEverything, yeah, everything is everythingEverything is everythingListen girl, believe it nowEverything is everythingEverything is everythingEverything is everything, listenEverything is everything, listen to meEverything is everything […]

Fall In Love With Me

I can tell you that loveIs too deep to be played onDown the line, you’d findTime would reveal who to count onI’m well inclined to use the linesThat comes from the learning treeLet the seed that grows, and ages oldGive us our destiny Baby, you know, I could pick you upTurn your life aroundIf you […]


Do you remember the 21st night of September?Love was changing the minds of pretendersWhile chasing the clouds away Our hearts were ringingIn the key that our souls were singing.As we danced in the night,Remember how the stars stole the night away Ba de ya – say do you rememberBa de ya – dancing in SeptemberBa […]

Kalimba Story

Saw it in a store, one day.Thought it might, make me playFuture music all for you- Seen me thru my hardest times-thought it was ’bout time, to opena new world just for you- Fills all my needs, gave me the keyDoor was open, for me to seePlayin around the world, touchin’All the boys and girls […]

Takin' Chances

I like walkin’ in the park late at nighttryin’ to run my motor downeverybody says I live a dangerous lifeI’ve got to get ahead somehowout here on the street just tryin’ to get my owndon’t tell me what you think you knowooh, most people spend their time at home alonejust waitin’ for a check that […]

Feelin' Blue

Where, do you go, when you’re lost.Is it up, is it down, is it here And what, do you see, in the darkIs it real, is it me, are you scared Do you believe in yourselfAre you good, are you bad, are you there And can you confess to the morning lightAnd be true, what […]

After The Love Has Gone

For awhile to love was all we could dowe were young and we knewand our eyes were aliveDeep inside we knew our love was trueFor awhile we paid no mind to the pastwe knew love would lastEv’ry night somethin’ rightwould invite us to begin the dance Somethin’ happened along the waywhat used to be happy […]