Love Music

We like love music, that’s my kinda musicIt’s the sweetest music, and the only music for meTalkin’ bout tender lovin’, and a whole lot of a-huggin’Let me tell you something, that’s the only music for me Let’s get into the mood, let’s get together and grooveTurn down the light, let’s make it rightDon’t play no […]

L Word

I climb in bedShe’s distractedFlipping pagesAsking for the matchesCigarette smoke hangsJust like a curtainThat makes me wonderIs her love for certain? I see the truth nowShe gave me the blues todayShe turns the lights outWhenever I want to play Chorus:(L.O.V.E.) She don’t get the messageAll I ever wanted was your loveAll I ever wanted was […]

On Your Face

Ain’t it funny that the way you feel,shows on your face-and no matter,how you try to hide it’ll state your case-Now a frown will bring your Sprits down to the groundAnd never let you see, the Good things all around-Everytime we seem to letOur feelings show, our luck-run out and the wind Won’t blow- But, […]

I'd Rather Have You

Of all the loves I’ve had in my lifeI’d rather have youWhatever they were, no matter how niceThey can’t compareSeeming wealth is nothingI’d rather have youWealthy or notWe’ll always have so much to share Cause I know that I’ll love you foreverYou’re mineI wouldn’t take riches for your loveThere’s nothin’ in this worldI’d rather have […]

Anything You Want

You were so right all alongI wouldn’t believe till love had gonereplacing the old with the newand now that I want to see it through You tell me you carebut he’s still inside your heartand it’s tearing me apartthat I’m anything you want chorus:I’ll be there to listen to everything you cryall you needever to […]

Open Our Eyes

Father, open our eyes, that wemay see, to follow thee. Oh lordgrant us, thy lovin’ peace, and letall dissension cease. Let our fait,each day increase,and Master – Lord please-Open our eyes, open our eyes- He has given us, hills and mountains, hehas given us, level places.He has given us food and clothing,given us shelter from […]

I'll Write A Song For You

I thirst but never quenchI know the consequence, feeling as I doWe’re in a spinning topwhere, tell me, will it stopand what am I to sayOpen our music book, that only few can lookand I’ll write a song for you Love is a symphony, hearts in one melody‘Cause I write a song for youSounds never […]

Super Hero

Chorus:I will be your Super HeroBut U must understandIf I’m 2 be your Super HeroU must give me half a chanceListen 2 my band I am born unto pverty and fearI am scorned yet I hold back my tearsThere’s so much I can andWill and want 2 doBut I cannot until I get through 2 […]