I Can Feel It In My Boes

* I can feel it in my boesLove is just around the cornerYou don’t have to be aloneOnly if you really wanna And I’m gonna say that one more timeThis evenin’ (*Repeat) Listen now**I can feel it, can’t you feel it, come onI can feel it way down in my bones (*Repeat 2 times) Wake […]

Frontline Of Seduction

Hot night and I’m readyHer game is rock steadyA long time I’ve been waitingHyped up, anticipating Fall weak by the hourWanna climb her ivory towerEmbrace and devourShe’s still in total power In the dark, feel my heartRacing when the ringing startWatch her breathe, such a teaseFantasy’s what I need to melt her heartThen she’ll say […]

Love Across The Wire

Girl, I wonder where you areSo I close my eyes and dreamabout you, babyAnd I wonder do you feelMe a million miles away‘Cause I’ve been needing Chorus:To sendLove across the wire to the only oneMy heart is waiting forI sendLove accross the wireTell here I’ll be hereUntil she’s in my loving armsIt won’t be long […]

Share Your Love

Love is the light, gonna let it shineLiving each day, you’re sure to findAnother heart that’s warm and trueshining the light in return to you Share your love, don’t try to restrain itLove, don’t need to be afraid toLove, everybody get togetherLet every heart, around the worlddo its part The voice of love, ringing loud […]

All About Love

We know it’s been time talking to you,So we figure we lay it on you.Let you know how we feel about, love.Paint a pretty smile, each daylovin, is a blessing,never let it fade away.It’s all about love Build yourself a true romance,There’s beauty that surround youyou deserve, just one more chance My dear, my dear […]

Spend The Night

You’re like no one else that I have loved beforeThere’s a certain something in my heartFor the first time in my life I know for sureYou’re the love that I’ve been looking for A few unsettled differences is where we standWith a little effort we can them outI just want to hold you in my […]

Let's Groove

Let this groove, get you to move,it’s alright, alrightlet this groove, set in your shoes,stand up, alright Gonna tell you what you can do,with my love, alrightLet you know girl you’re looking goodyou’re out of sight and alright Move yourself and glide like a 747loos yourself in the sky among the clouds in the heavens […]


Seasons change, they rearrangeSo why can’t you and I–say whyThoughts we find, are so unkindWe often have to cry–but why Chorus:Celebrate, change your thoughts to loveCelebrate, what you’re thinking ofTime ain’t long, soon we’ll be moving on,Moving on… Nature’s way for her to say in perfect harmonyFind your place, your past erasedFor life’s new destiny. […]