Can't Let Go

Love that is born in truth, allThe doubt removed–lover’s eyesAre blessed only sees the best– I can’t let go, of a love thatGrows, you’re my woman. Baby loveYou know I love you, so Empty hearts are free, bring,Your love to me–soul chase the moonShadows, hug the room–turn off theLight and sneak in bed at night–Darkness […]

Blood Brothers

So my friendVoices from the past reunite at lastBack when we grew up on the streetsThe world was at our feet Do you recall the two of usHow we used th sing when everythingWas new to us From the time that we were oldEnough to standIt was you and I together to the end Oh, […]

Take You To Heaven

Girle there is an open door, feeling you haven’t exploredYou’re awake throught the night,I wanna be there just to hold you so tight Can’t wait one minute more, this longing for you can’t be ignoredam I moving too fast?I wanna be there to console you Chorus:I’ll take you to heaven tonightMake you feel you like […]

Can't Hide Love

You want my love and you can’t denyyou know it’s true, but you try to hideYou turn down love like it’s really badYou can’t give what you never hadWell bless your soul, you can fool a fewBut, I know the truth and so do you You can’t hide love, you can’t nowYou can’t hide love, […]


No self-controlA chain reaction as my body lets goA strange kind of lightThe tempo takes me and the circuit excites It’s magneticThe rhythm of a dangerous danceLet’s dance in the staticSuck you in twice as fastMagneticThe rhythm of a dangerous danceLet’s dance in the staticSuck you in, you’ll never last Step into the lightMake the […]

And Love Goes On

I would be so willing to give you all I gotYou’re a special lady, forget me notI could be so tender, for the likes of youLet my heart surrender And love goes onOn and onYour heart beats strongAs love goes on Everyday, I’m wishing for that day to comeFeeling superstitious hoping she’s the oneOne day […]

Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

Wanting you, and watching every moveTurns me all overLike a first time lover’s woo My heart’s, your heart,And every time you hit that doorThere’s a chance in a millionI won’t see you anymore Though I never want to leave your sideBut we’ve got to realize we’re (Chorus)Here today and gone tomorrowNothing lasts forever and a […]

Magic Mind

Hey, we heard the newsThat someone’s cryin’ the blues‘Cause words still go unsaidAs hungry minds are never fed Take a chance as you danceIn romance in a tranceTo advance and expandGot a dime and a rhymeBrillant mind still inclineIn your prime to design For a man’s great strength to meetAnother trembling heart defeatIs read between […]