Mighty Mighty

Walk around, why wear a frownSay little people, try to put you downWhat you need, a helpin’ handAll the strength, at your command How’s ya faith? Cause ya faith is youWho you kiddin’, to yourself be trueSpread ya love, for a brighter dayFor what ya search, you’ll find a way We are people, of the […]

Spirit Of A New World

We wake from a dream looking throughdifferent eyesSome other space and timeWhere love survives all the changesTime takes you and I into another lifeBurn in our hearts of fireA new design, we are changing Let the spirit of a new worldKeep our love aliveIn the spirit of a new worldWe’re in overdrive Believe all that […]

Moment Of Truth

We’re goin’ roundTryin’ to get higherBetter come downThere’s gonna be a fireWe’re goin’ roundTryin’ to get higherBetter come downThere’s gonna be a fire Smother that, heySmother that, hey y’all The moment of truth is nearAnd my body trembles with fearJust like you I’m a guilty oneThinkin’ bout nothin’ but havin’me some fun Time’s drawing now […]


Mom, the words of loveShe gave me peace and loveShe gave me thoughts of loveYeah yeah yeahMom, pains and joyI love her more and moreTo her I’m still her boyYeah yeah yeahAnd in my life I’ve always dug herAnd in my life I’ve always needed herThe mom I know I love so well Mom, her […]

Side By Side

One year ago, love was touch and goTime made me see, solved the mysteryTaught me that love and timeWill change your mind and make it rightBring your darkness to the lightMy hearts sings in the nightMy love I bring to you With this lovin’ I dedicate to youFor believing in me, I will make you […]

Every Now And Then

I think that the worst is throughI’m almost over youI guess it was just a matter of timeI’ve started going outHow long can anybody go withoutBefore you start goin’ out of your mindEven so, I confessThere are times when my heart rules over my head (Chorus)Every now and thenI find myself wondering about you babySeems […]


Melodies without a sound kissing youMillion miles up off the ground it’s what you do..Don’t need no one to rescue me you feel so goodNothing sends me there the way that you could Cruising on a journey to your heartCruising every secret little part When you’re making love with me I want to be lost […]

Happy Feelin'

Feelin, happy feelin’ in the musicthat we’re giving, feel the powerof the hour, every moment, thatyou’re living… Little babies, tell the story,mother-nature, and its glory,share the feelin, with your brother,don’t stop caring, one another…There’s a reason, that we pleasing,what you’re yearnin’life’s a burnin’…