When you feel down and outSing a song, it’ll make your dayHere’s a time to shoutSing a song, it’ll make a waySometimes it’s hard to careSing a song, it’ll make your dayA smile so hard to bearSing a song, it’ll make a way SingasongSingasongSingasongSingasong Bring your heart to believingSing a song, it’ll make your dayLife […]


In the sky, shines a star, spaces,Near and far, calling out, who you areAnd smiling in the night. Star light, star bright beam across theSky — falling, calling can you tell me why —Star light, star bright mighty light to see.Shining, smiling down on you and me — Star hides from the rain, it turnsAgainst […]

Take It To The Sky

I remember when, as a child,I used to stop and stareLooking in the sky, wonderingHow, did my life compare So I found thru my desireI could take it to the sky–babyNow, my heart can fly Time moved on and thenlife and I became the best of firendsThere’s no limit toall the smiles in life, that’s […]

Love Is The Greatest Story

(I) walk around, and take it all inTell me now, where have I been?Nothin’ like realityTo get your mind in gear Lived my life to the extremeA lost road to my dreamFound true realityAnd now my mind is clear I found out todayLove’s a better wayIn my heart I learned to listenI was wrong to […]

Song In My Heart

I’ve gotta song in my heartAnd a feeling just for youSo good that, we can’t tear apartA love that’s positively trueCan’t stop these feelings I gotCause I’ve been trying to get thruI’ve gotta song in my heartAnd a feeling just for you Oh, it’s time that we showjust what one means, to the othertake my […]


Mighty men have come and gonebut the pride lingers onHeritage will claim every manwith desire to make a standSome say pride’s for the strongwhat’s the use, holding onWe say pride’s everyone whowants to come, touch the sun While you pout, is your worldin doubt, it’s all aboutLife won’t let you out of the schemeJust believe […]

Burnin' Bush

What does it take to show an illustrationOf the hurt and the pain of a nation.One glowing look upon a ragged canvasTells the story of our past and present situation That old bush just keeps on burningNobody seems to show they’re learningThat old bush just keeps on burning.I wonder will we ever feel the flame. […]

See The Light

Lookin’ through the clouds, what do you see?Sky of gases, child in needTroubles everywhere, more than I can bearSo I’m searching from withinHelp them see the light I’m a blossom, in the sun, sunshine of loveSinging loud to the one, I love above.Shine on sun, let your light, guide my way.For so long, there’s been […]