Silvio Dante

“Last year I made bail so fast, my soup was still warm when I got home.” Silvio Dante didn’t always want to be a mobster. His dream as a youth was to make it big as a singer. But while the spirit was willing, the pipes were weak; Silvio ended up managing topless dancers instead. […]

Vito Spatafore

“Sometimes you tell a lie so long, you don’t know when to stop.” Vito Spatafore, scion of the Spatafore Construction family and cousin of the Apriles, was a member of the late Ralph Cifaretto’s crew. That crew has seen a variety of capos come and go in the last few years – before Ralph it […]

Tony Soprano

“All due respect, you got no f**king idea what it’s like to be number one. Every decision you make affects every facet of every other f**king thing. It’s too much to deal with almost. And in the end you’re completely alone with it.” The pressures of running ‘the family’ have taken their toll on Tony. […]

Meadow Soprano

“Did (other) kids ever find fifty thousand dollars in Krugerrands and a .45 automatic while they were hunting for Easter eggs?” Tony and Carmela’s firstborn, Meadow Mariangela Soprano is, in many ways, a typical suburban ingenue: pretty, bright and talented, she was a high school honors student. But, being a Soprano, some of Meadow’s life […]

Carmine Lupertazzi

“A real hardhead, this Soprano kid. And the ego. I tell you, though, when I first met him, decisive as he is, I’d have been proud to call him my son.” The capo di tutti capi of New York, Carmine Lupertazzi Sr. was an old school wise guy of Junior’s generation. But unlike Junior, who’s […]

Benny Fazio

“D.A. tossed (my case)…the witness bailed.” Once Tony’s driver, Benny is an eager young aspirant who likes to hang out with Christopher, hoping he’ll get the opportunity to score some points. He and Christopher used to frequent the Ooh-Fa Pizza Restaurant, until Christopher, now a made man, decided it was no longer sophisticated enough for […]

Gloria Trillo

Gloria Trillo has the distinction of being the woman in the briefest and most intense affair of Tony’s life. No ordinary goomara, she was a smart, beautiful career woman, a top sales rep at Globe Mercedes. She was also highly independent, capable of traveling to Morocco alone and on her own dime. Gloria was passionate […]

Patsy Parisi

“Stay the f**k away from Tony Soprano…you call, or go anywhere near him or his family and they’ll be scraping your nipples off these fine leather seats. And here’s the point to remember: my face is the last one you’ll see, not Tony’s…it won’t be cinematic.” In theory, a made man’s professional family is his […]