Furio Giunta

“No bitcha to me.” Furio Giunta was the one member of the Soprano crew who was literally a son of Italy. A native of Naples, Furio was in the employ of elderly mob boss Zio Vittorio when he came to Tony’s attention. In Naples to broker a deal for stolen Mercedes, Tony got to witness […]

Fernando Sucre

Amaury Nolasco, a native of Puerto Rico, studied biology full-time at the University of Puerto Rico. His plan to enroll in medical school and become a doctor was cut short when a director approached Nolasco and encouraged him to pursue acting. He was immediately cast in his first television commercial and began working consistently as […]

Michele “Feech” La Manna

“I’m Fred Astaire.” Feech La Manna is something of a living legend in the New Jersey mob. A contemporary of Junior and Johnny-Boy Soprano, he was a much-respected capo in the ’70’s – although he always claimed to be a humble purveyor of Italian breadsticks. Feech recently returned to Essex County after serving twenty years […]

Tony Blundetto

“I’m gonna be a licensed massage therapist. It’s like a chiropractor, just not as prestigious.” Tony Blundetto was Tony Soprano’s first cousin and one of his closest childhood friends. Their mothers were sisters; Tony B.’s mom is Quintina Pollio Blundetto. Although Tony B. is also related to Christopher Moltisanti (Christopher’s mother’s maiden name was Blundetto), […]

Livia Soprano

“I gave my life to my children on a silver platter.” Cagey, manipulative and possessing an encyclopedic memory of every slight she ever suffered, Livia Pollio Soprano was probably the most important person in Tony’s life. She was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to Faustino (AKA Augie) and Teresa Pollio, Italian immigrants from Avellino. Livia’s […]

Hesh Rabkin

“You’re talking to the wrong white man, my friend.” Because he’s Jewish he can never be a made man, but in every other sense Herman “Hesh” Rabkin is an important part of Tony’s crew. He was a trusted advisor of Tony’s father, and Tony seeks his counsel as well; it was Hesh who told Tony […]

Dr. Sara Tancredi

Sarah Wayne Callies has quickly established herself as a talent to watch. Callies starred opposite Josh Holloway and Dule Hill in Stewart Hendler’s thriller “Whisper,” a film about a kidnapping in a small New England town. Her television credits include the role of “Officer Jane Porter” on “Tarzan” and a recurring role on “Queens Supreme” […]

Gabriella Dante

“Unfortunately, because of her husband’s high profile in the waste industry, Carmela’s the one who bears the brunt of these insults. But there were many of us who were equally offended.” Gabriella “Gabby” Dante is the wife of Silvio and the mother of their college student daughter, Heather. A member of the close-knit sorority of […]

Paulie Walnuts

“…I was born, grew up, spent a few years in the army, a few more in the can and here I am, a half o’ wise guy.” Peter Paul Gualtieri, arguably the most meticulously coiffed and manicured capo in the Soprano crew, was something of a child prodigy. He first displayed the skills he’d utilize […]

Lincoln Burrows

Dominic Purcell recently starred in the adventure/thriller “Primeval,” shot on location in South Africa. In the film, Purcell portrayed a member of a news team sent to capture and bring home a legendary 25-foot crocodile. During his hiatus from PRISON BREAK, Purcell completed filming the thriller “Town Creek,” directed by Joel Schumacher and scheduled for […]