Patsy Parisi

“Stay the f**k away from Tony Soprano…you call, or go anywhere near him or his family and they’ll be scraping your nipples off these fine leather seats. And here’s the point to remember: my face is the last one you’ll see, not Tony’s…it won’t be cinematic.”

In theory, a made man’s professional family is his number one priority; all else – including his blood relatives – comes second. No one has had a harder time adhering to that tenet than Patsy Parisi. A soldier in Junior’s crew who later joined Paulie Gualtieri’s, Patsy knows firsthand the pain that comes when allegiance to one family comes into conflict with the other.

Patsy had an identical twin, Phil (AKA Philly Spoons) Parisi, his kid brother by eleven minutes. Philly was also a made member of Junior’s crew and when Junior was arrested on RICO charges, Philly assumed more responsibilty. But Philly ran afoul of Tony, who discretely ordered a hit on him. Philly’s death devastated Patsy and in the weeks that followed, he drank heavily and started blabbing that he knew who’d killed him. Unknown to Tony, Patsy even showed up drunk in his backyard one morning and aimed a revolver at him through the kitchen window. Patsy didn’t shoot, however; instead he urinated in the pool and left. Later, Tony had a heart-to-heart with Patsy, reminding him of all the good things in his life and advising him to put his grief behind him.

And, it appeared he had, and was once again solidly in the ranks. But when Christopher was made interim capo of the Gualtieri crew during Paulie’s jail stint, Patsy, who had seniority, couldn’t help but feel slighted. He acted out, defying Christopher’s orders and once even getting into a fight with him. Now, it seems, Patsy has managed to get over that incident, too. But with Patsy, you never really know.


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