Charmaine Bucco

“All these years I sat here and kept my mouth shut. And I didn’t want you boys here and look what happened, look what you’ve done to my husband.” Charmaine Bucco is Artie Bucco’s wife. No longer able to tolerate her husband’s relationship with Tony Soprano, Charmaine once left Artie, telling him, “and you’re not […]

Ralph Cifaretto

“All this over some whore?” If the mafia gave out a Mr. Congeniality Award, Ralph Cifaretto would never be in contention for it. Mr. Obnoxious, however, would be his in a walk. Sarcastic, belligerent and misogynistic – even by wise guy standards – Ralph was easily Tony’s least favorite business associate. Despite being a very […]

Dr. Jennifer Melfi

“Two years ago I thought RICO was a relative of his.” Dr. Jennifer Melfi is probably the last person anyone would expect to be associated with organized crime. Her private life is unassuming; she’s divorced with a son who attends Bard College. Professionally, she is a respected psychiatrist in private practice. One day, however, she […]

Carmela Soprano

“Maybe you pass out because you’re guilty over something. Maybe the fact you stick your d**k in anything with a pulse.” Carmela DeAngelis first laid eyes on her future husband in high school, where she and Tony Soprano appeared to be worlds apart from each other. Whereas Tony was an uninspired student and outsider, Carmela […]