Benny Fazio

“D.A. tossed (my case)…the witness bailed.”

Once Tony’s driver, Benny is an eager young aspirant who likes to hang out with Christopher, hoping he’ll get the opportunity to score some points. He and Christopher used to frequent the Ooh-Fa Pizza Restaurant, until Christopher, now a made man, decided it was no longer sophisticated enough for him.

It wasn’t long before Benny got a chance to display his skills. He was Christopher’s accomplice in the armed robbery of a Jewel concert at Rutgers University, which went well until a campus security guard came running onto the scene. While Christopher warned the guard off verbally, Benny got excited and fired his gun at him. Fortunately, no one was shot and Benny and Christopher got away. Granted, Benny was sloppy, but at least he hung in there, and showed some mettle.

Benny took one for the family when Phil Leotardo’s boys came looking for information on the whereabouts of Tony B., ending up with a cracked scull. He has also expanded his trade to include credit card fraud, but with his usual carelessness, he stole card numbers at Artie Bucco’s restaurant, using his hostess girlfriend (and Artie’s crush) Martina as the inside man. That enterprise led to a blow-up — with a beating for Benny, a boiled arm for Artie, and, ultimately, an intervention from Tony himself.


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