Vito Spatafore

“Sometimes you tell a lie so long, you don’t know when to stop.”

Vito Spatafore, scion of the Spatafore Construction family and cousin of the Apriles, was a member of the late Ralph Cifaretto’s crew. That crew has seen a variety of capos come and go in the last few years – before Ralph it was Gigi Cestone, and before Gigi it was Richie Aprile – and Vito was loyal to all of them. Relatively mellow for a made man, Vito rarely lost his temper, even when his sizable girth was the subject of his comrades’ jokes.

Vito was no pushover. When his little brother, Bryan, was put in a coma by a head case named Mustang Sally, Vito spoke directly to Tony and made his point clear: “I want this c**ksucker to bleed from his ass.” And, when Ralph ordered the hit on Jackie Aprile, Jr., it was Vito who fired a bullet into the back of his own cousin’s head.

But Vito had one very not-so-wiseguy proclivity, and when he was spotted by a couple of enforcers at a gay night club decked out in leathers, his double life began to unravel. He ultimately fled Jersey, and even fell in love with a New Hampshire diner owner, but he found himself drawn back home to the only life he had ever known. The decision proved fatal, as his cousin Phil Leotardo, who was outraged that Vito had disgraced the family, ordered a particularly grisly hit on him. That, in turn, incensed Tony, since Phil had stepped over the line into DiMeo family business.


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