Tony Blundetto

“I’m gonna be a licensed massage therapist. It’s like a chiropractor, just not as prestigious.”

Tony Blundetto was Tony Soprano’s first cousin and one of his closest childhood friends. Their mothers were sisters; Tony B.’s mom is Quintina Pollio Blundetto. Although Tony B. is also related to Christopher Moltisanti (Christopher’s mother’s maiden name was Blundetto), the two Tonys were born the same year and grew up as close as brothers.

Like his cousin, Tony B. was once a rising star in the mob, but his career was cut short at 28 when he was sent to prison for 15 years for hijacking a truck – a heist Tony S. was supposed to be in on. At the time, Tony S. told his cousin he’d been jumped by two black guys, but the guilt got to him over the years. He eventually confided to Tony B. that he’d had a panic attack and passed out.

When he was first paroled after 15 years, Tony B.’s efforts at civilian life didn’t work out so well. And despite his cousin’s efforts to get him back in the N.J. game, he succumbed to the financial temptations of freelance work, ultimately putting the entire Jersey organization at risk. When the Leotardos took out Angela Garepe, his former cell mate, Tony B. lost it and settled the score – taking out Billy Leotardo as his brother watched. This put his cousin Tony S. in a box – ultimately sealing his own fate. Sparing him a tortured death at the hands of Phil Leotardo, Tony S. decided to let his oldest friend meet his end the easy way…and did it himself.


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