Hesh Rabkin

“You’re talking to the wrong white man, my friend.”

Because he’s Jewish he can never be a made man, but in every other sense Herman “Hesh” Rabkin is an important part of Tony’s crew. He was a trusted advisor of Tony’s father, and Tony seeks his counsel as well; it was Hesh who told Tony about his father’s fainting spells. He made a bundle in the recording industry in the 50’s and 60’s and, to his credit, Hesh gave a lot of talented young black musicians their start – but he also kept authorship of many of their songs for himself. This practice almost bit Hesh in the tushy, when a rap star named Massive G tried to shake him down for $400,000 in royalties he claimed was owed to a relative. Massive G threatened to sue, but Hesh fended him off with the threat of a countersuit. Hesh is perhaps the most sophisticated member of Tony’s organization, he’s well read and erudite, and keeps a stable of well-bred horses. (Although he doesn’t ride them; just enjoys watching them run.) He’s seen and experienced a lot, and Tony is fortunate to have him in his corner.


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