I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Seven days of SaturdayIs all that I needGot no use for Sunday‘Cause I don’t rest in peaceDon’t need no MondaysOr the rest of the weekI spend a lot of time in bedBut baby I don’t like to sleep on I won’t lie to youI’m never gonna cry to youI’ll probably drive you wild 8 days […]

Blaze Of Glory

I wake up in the morningAnd I raise my weary headI got an old coat for a pillowAnd the earth was last night’s bedI don’t know where I’m goingOnly God knows where I’ve beenI’m a devil on the runA six gun loverA candle in the windWhen you’re brought into this worldThey say you’re born in […]

In And Out Of Love

Young and wiredSet to explode in the heatYou won’t tireCause baby was born with the beatTake you higher than you’ve ever knownThen drive you down to your kneesI pick you up when you’ve had enoughYou been burned baby lessons learned In and out of loveHear what I’m sayinIn and out of loveThe way that we’re […]


Looking like a train wreckSipping on her long neckThis ain’t no model-actressShe’s attitude and accent (alright)Angel flying soloMust have gone and sold your haloShe’s accidental innocenceAnd white trash elegance (alright)She’s all mixed upLays in bed ’til 3All messed upShe’s eccentricity NeuroticaLay your love all over meCome on, baby, go a little crazy on meEroticaEvery school […]

Helter Skelter

When you get to the bottomYou go back to the top of the slideAnd you stop and you turnAnd you go for a rideTil you get to the bottomThen you see me again Do you, don’t you want me to love you?I’m coming down fast, but I’m miles above youTell me, tell me, tell me […]

Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll

First time I heard the musicI thought it was my ownI could feel it in my heartbeatI could feel it in my bones My momma thinks I’m crazyMy dad says I’m insaneI got this boogie woogie feverThat’s burning in my veins They tried to take me to a doctorBut it’s too late for meThen they […]

She's A Mystery

She won’t let me buy her jewelleryShe don’t want things that she can keepShe wears wild flowers in her hairAnd throws them to the seaShe’s the beginning and the end of me Chorus:She’s a mysteryMy most beautiful regretI will never understand herShe’s a mysteryThe only promise I can keepEven in my dreams she ruins me […]

August 7, 4:15

It was another dayA perfect Texas afternoonA mother and two childrenPlay the way they always doAs they raced home from the mailboxA mother and her sonAgainst a little girl of 6 years oldThe independent one The deputies went door to doorThrough all the neighborhoodThey said I got some news to tell you folksI’m afraid it […]