Never Say Die

As we stood there older than menAnd younger than the boys (that’s right)We were as still as the windThat blows on a hot August night And you were lonesomeAs a jukeboxBut deadly just the sameI could be as gentle as a newbornThen spit into the eye of a hurricane And we knew how to laughAnd […]

Let It Rock

The weekend comes to this townSeven days too soonFor the ones who have to make upWhat we break up for their rules Well I saw Captain Kidd on SunsetTell his boys they’re in commandWhile chino danced a tangoWith boomstick in his handHe said: It’s alright (alright) if you have a good timeIt’s alright (alright) if […]

Social Disease

You can read it in the papersIn some places it comes in thirty-two flavorsBut you wouldn’t tell no oneYour favorite if you could From the White House to the alleysFrom the President down to Long Tall SallyCan’t live with it but you’ll die without itYes you would Senorita’s in the kitchenShe’s a fistful of dynamiteYou […]

Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town

Sitting here just watching you sleepWish I could slip inside and beIn some Technicolor dreamBut the air’s too thick for one of us to breatheI’m not fool enough to thinkYou couldn’t live life without me I didn’t come this far to throw the towel inI didn’t fight this hard to walk awayIf I ain’t smart […]

All I Need Was You

Outside the church bells tollFor this wasteland we call homeThere’s nowhere left to hide or run to Daddy drank real hard late at nightHe’d say without love life’s a long fightl promised I’d win one fight for him babe The storm outside is ragingI close my eyes l think about you babeThere’s got to be […]

(It's Hard) Letting You Go

It ain’t no fun lying down to sleepAnd there ain’t no secrets left for me to keepI wish the stars up in the sky would all just call in sickAnd the clouds would take the moon out on some one-way trip I drove all night down streets that wouldn’t bendBut somehow they drove me back […]