Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore

I walked down the streetPeople passing me byThey look me up and downBut they don’t look me in the eyeI’m just another strangerIn my own home townLooking for an angelBut heaven can’t be found I say, hey, are you lonely tonightHey, hey, hey I’m gonna make it throughBut that don’t make it right ChorusDoes anybody […]


I see you looking over your shoulderTell me who do you think’s out thereYou’re reaching for your four leaf cloverBut baby there ain’t no luck down thereI swear that there’s no heart in this cityIt’s here the slogan reads "Do your time" everybody’s doing their sentence It’s just there ain’t nobody hereWho knows just what’s […]

She Don't Know Me

What more can I do?There’s nothing I haven’t triedStill it’s so hard for her to noticeI’ve tried hard to be straightThere’s nothing left I can sayIf only she would look my way She don’t know me, she don’t knowShe don’t see me, she don’t careShe can’t hear me, she can’t hearCannot help me, she don’t […]

Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart

I’ve been staring at the pageFor what seems like daysI guess I put this one off for a whileDid I see a tear fall from your eyesOr did you laugh so hard that you criedWhen I served my secrets on a silver tray to youHey now, I guess the night’s just bringing me down Chorus:There’s […]

Always Run To You

The clock strikes tenOut on the streets againI been looking for something to please me since I don’t know whenOut on the dark side of townAnother rumbles gone downAnd life on the high side isn’t what this boys about She’s got something I want man, it’s something I needIt takes more than the night to […]

Something For The Pain

Happiness, it’s been no friend to meBut forever after ain’t what it’s all cracked up to beYeah, I had a taste, you were my fantasyBut I lost my faith when I hit realityI don’t need no Guru to tell me what to doWhen you feeling like a headline on yesterday’s news Come on , Come […]

It's My Life

This ain’t a song for the broken-heartedNo silent prayer for the faith-departedI ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowdYou’re gonna hear my voiceWhen I shout it out loud It’s my lifeIt’s now or neverI ain’t gonna live foreverI just want to live while I’m alive(It’s my life)My heart is like an open highwayLike […]

Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin'

A whiskey bottle comforts meAnd tells me not to cryWhile a full moon says a prayer for meI try to close my eyes But the night’s there to remind meOf the guns and the early gravesThe ghosts appear as I fall asleepTo sing an outlaw’s serenade Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’When you’re livin’ on […]