Easter Cake Designs

If you’re looking for just the right cake to lend some festivity to your celebration, check out a few Easter cake designs.

Easter Cake Pans

Every great cake design begins with pan selection. While you can use standard cake pans to achieve wonderfully creative Easter Cakes, there are also numerous novelty cake pans that can give you a jumpstart for your designs, and most come with decorating directions. Here are just a few examples from hundreds of cake pans devoted to Easter themes.

  • Wilton Cross Pan
  • Nordic Ware Easter Bunny 3-D Cake Mold
  • Wilton 3-D Egg Pan
  • Pantastic Plastic Easter Basket Cake Pan
  • Wilton Stand Up Lamb Pan

Ideas for Easter Cake Designs

Easter Bunny Cakes

Chocolate Bunny
This cake design is actually quite simple. Either use an Easter bunny cake pan or carve a bunny figure out of a large sheet cake. Ice the cake with chocolate buttercream, and then cover it with rolled chocolate fondant. Smooth the fondant out well, and then add colored buttercream decorations such as eyes, a neck ribbon and a fluffy tail to mimic the look of a traditional chocolate Easter bunny.

Fluffy Bunny
This design is sure to make coconut lovers happy. Ice a bunny-shaped cake with buttercream, and then coat it with shredded, sweetened coconut. You can even place the coconut in a large zip lock bag and add a few drops of food coloring to tint your bunny’s “fur”. Just seal the bag and work the coconut around until the coloring is well dispersed. Finish the bunny’s face by piping buttercream eyes using a medium sized round tip for the whites and a smaller round tip for the pupils. Use a mini marshmallow for a nose. Cut a large marshmallow in half and lay the cut sides face down to create puffy cheeks. Use thin licorice strands for whiskers.

Easter Egg Cake

First, choose whether you will use a special 3-D egg pan or carve out an egg shape from a large sheet cake. Ice the cake with buttercream, and then cover it with rolled fondant in the color of your choice. Once you have your blank canvas prepared, it’s time to let your creativity flow. You might choose to:

  • Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes from contrasting colors of rolled fondant to layer on your egg as the designs.
  • Use various drop flower and leaf decorating tips to create a spring garden Easter egg theme.
  • Use a round tip to write “Happy Easter” or some other holiday message on the cake.
  • Use a basket weave tip (flat or ribbed side up) to pipe ribbons across your egg.

Easter Basket

Even if you don’t have a basket novelty pan, you can turn any round, square or rectangular cake into a basket using a small to medium size basket weave decorating tip.

Basketweave Technique

  • Ice the cake with a layer of buttercream, and using the basketweave tip, pipe one vertical bar from the top edge of the cake to the bottom.
  • Beginning at the top edge of that bar, pipe a single horizontal bar (approximately one and 1/2 inches long) centered directly over the vertical bar.
  • Skip an equal size space, and pipe a second horizontal bar beneath the first. Continue this pattern down the side of the cake until there is no more space.
  • Next, pipe a second vertical bar over the ends of one side of your horizontal bars.
  • Beginning in the first open space between your original top and second horizontal bar, pipe a horizontal bar starting at the edge of the first vertical bar and bring it right over the second vertical bar, just as you did with the first set.
  • Continue to add a horizontal bar to each of the open spaces, and repeat this pattern all the way around the cake.
  • Add a fluffy shell boarder around the base and top edges of the cake to conceal the ends of the weave.
  • Use a multi-hole tip and green tinted buttercream to create the “grass” in your basket. Cover the entire top of your cake, and then place robin’s eggs, chocolate bunnies and other Easter candies on the grass to fill your basket.

Easter Cross Cake

Bake your cake in a novelty cross pan or cut out a cross shape from a sheet cake. Ice it smooth with buttercream or cover the cake with an additional layer of rolled fondant. Decorate the cross with vines, leaves and drop flowers. Alternatively, you might choose to pipe the cake with ribbons and roses, or even create Easter lilies using a lily nail. Add a piped border around the bottom of the cake to finish it.

Do you have any favorite Easter cake designs you’d like to share? Add your ideas to the comments box below.

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