Explaining the Easter Bunny

In Christianity, Easter marks the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. So why then do so many equate the holiday with a giant rabbit that, somehow, lays multicolored eggs? What exactly is the origin of the Easter Bunny? Folks are clearly curious. Web searches on “easter bunny origin” and “who created the […]

The Best Birthday Freebies

Getting Free Goodies Birthday goodies from restaurants and retailers abound, even in a tough economy, and they’re not just for kids. There’s plenty of free food, free stuff and great deals for adults and kids on their special days, though, like senior discounts at restaurants, you may have to ask for them wherever you go. […]

The Most Expensive U.S. Cities To Visit

These are the 10 most expensive cities to stay in according to price tracking by Hotels.com. The figures represent prices that guests actually paid for rooms during the latter half of 2009. Room prices slid an average of 12% from a year earlier, though traditionally expensive spots like New York, Honolulu and Boston remain at […]

The Best Mother’s Day Presents

For as little as $9.50, buy her a gift she’ll love! Lucky editors have rounded up 14 wonderful, spot-on presents, from a coolly modern photo album to the most versatile cardigan. Sagaform Trio Herb Pot $48 Preserve fresh herbs for days with this clever pot. The clean design is beautiful and makes watering easy. Apple […]

10 Things Your Cruise Line Won’t Tell You

1. “Our Engines Break Down All the Time.” In December 2009, engine problems caused the Regent’s Seven Seas Voyager to skip a scheduled port stop in Antigua, and instead head straight to San Juan for the engine to be repaired. And a propulsion issue on Carnival’s 2,124-passenger Legend ship last week affected its sailing speed, […]

Easter Cake Designs

If you’re looking for just the right cake to lend some festivity to your celebration, check out a few Easter cake designs. Easter Cake Pans Every great cake design begins with pan selection. While you can use standard cake pans to achieve wonderfully creative Easter Cakes, there are also numerous novelty cake pans that can […]

It’s Easter Season: Gather Your Peeps

If the world ended tomorrow, Peeps would probably survive. It’s a scientific fact that the marshmallow candy, shaped like bright-colored chicks, is indestructible. Which is a good thing in post-apocalyptic scenarios, since they also make a reliable food source, artwork muse, and baking ingredient. The fun Easter candy with the hecka-long lifespan dates back to […]

Easter Egg Craft Ideas

Whether you are looking for an easy way to keep your children entertained, or are planning the decorations for an elegant holiday meal, these Easter egg craft ideas will help you get the job done. Choose from traditional egg decorating to more inventive ways to use the humble egg. Egg Decorating When considering Easter decorating, […]