EPISODE 216 “Chicago”

Airdate: 2007-02-05

Sara steps off the train and looks around for Michael. Kellerman watches her from a distance. His cell phone rings, it’s the President. She tells him that she’s in Chicago and she can fix everything if he takes care of Michael and Lincoln.

Sara slowly walks towards Michael and the two share a long overdue embrace. Sara reveals the key, tied around her neck. She shows Michael and tells him that she doesn’t recognize the insignia on it. Michael eyes Kellerman, and knows that he must tell Sara they’re working with him. Sara turns to see Kellerman, and she stands frozen in fear.

T-Bag cuddles closely to Susan Hollander in bed, T-Bag pleasantly waking her up. T-Bag says he’s going to unlock the kids and make them a nice breakfast, but Susan is defensive and insists that she do it. T-Bag angrily rolls out of bed and pulls a large knife from the nightstand. He storms around the bed and pulls the pillow from under Susan’s head to reveal he tied her to the bedpost the night before. He uses the knife to cut her free. Susan sits up and tries to rationalize with T-Bag, telling him that there’s no way they can work as a family now. Susan goes on to tell T-Bag that a woman named Patty from the neighborhood welcoming committee is coming later that day and she can’t cancel. Susan tries to use the opportunity to convince T-Bag to leave, but he insists that it won’t be any trouble.

Michael, Lincoln and Sara walk to Kellerman who does his best to apologize to Sara. When they’re clear, Michael and Lincoln pounce on Kellerman, and slam him against the train station wall. Michael growls, “You didn’t tell us you left her to die!” Kellerman tries to explain with Michael’s hands around his throat, he pleads, “You need me and you know it!” Sara says they don’t need him, they can figure out what the key is for on their own. Kellerman looks at the key on Sara’s neck and chimes in, “I can tell you what that key is for right now. It’s to a private cigar club.” Lincoln asks where the club is, Kellerman catches his breath and says, “Chicago.”

Haywire scrambles to finish his boat, he knows he’s done something wrong. Mahone barks orders to agents in the office; he wants wanted posters on every gas pump on major freeways. Agent Wheeler quietly interrupts and says they may have a lead on Haywire fleeing the scene of a homicide. Mahone tells Wheeler to notify the Madison, Wisconsin field office to handle it. Wheeler says he’ll notify Headquarters which angers Mahone and he accuses Wheeler of not following orders. Instead, Wheeler tells Mahone that he is following orders. Headquarters has told Wheeler to no longer take orders from Mahone, only orders from Headquarters. Mahone is furious and sends Wheeler away. Agent Kim calls Mahone and tells Mahone that he needs to eliminate Haywire.

Kellerman escorts Michael towards a ticket taker. Kellerman tells him that he’s escorting a fugitive to Chicago and needs a train car emptied.

Lincoln finds Sara sitting alone and tells her that it’s going to be alright. Lincoln assures Sara that once they get what they need from Kellerman, they’ll get rid of him. He also apologizes to Sara for getting involved and it means a lot to him that she did.

Kellerman tells the ticket taker that he should not alert the passengers; just keep them out of the car. Kellerman whistles to Lincoln and Sara and gets them on the train. Sara sits across from Michael, nervously fidgeting with the drawstring of her hooded sweatshirt. Kellerman reclines in one of the seats and smugly looks over them.

Mahone strolls into a Fox River meeting room and lets out a slight laugh, “Brad. You don’t look so good.” Bellick sits at a table and snaps at Mahone, telling him that Mahone was supposed to get him into Ad-Seg. Mahone said he tried, but the new warden is very by-the-book. Mahone offers Bellick something better than Ad-Seg. Mahone recaps Bellick’s abilities to track down the cons. Mahone tells Bellick that there are powerful people behind him that can do what it takes to get Brad out of jail. In return, Bellick work for Mahone, under the radar. Mahone leans in and says, “I need a junkyard dog who’s willing to do the ugly things that sometimes need to be done to bring a con to justice.” Bellick’s face lights up.

Patty, the Welcome Wagon representative, moans in delight while eating T-Bag’s, “Teddy” to the guest, cooking. And to the family’s dismay, he’s charming Patty. The Hollanders share looks amongst themselves. Zach looks like he’s going to make a break for it, but Susan shakes her head. Patty asks how Susan and T-Bag met. T-Bag offers that it was through a church’s volunteering program. Zach quickly stands to his feet and tells Patty that Teddy just bought him a new bike and she should go see it with him. T-Bag grabs Zach’s arm, and tells him it’s rude and to sit down. Zach, seeing the chance for escape fade away, sinks back into his chair.

Sara sits on the train, reliving the lies Kelleman told her and how he tried to kill her. She looks back and sees Lincoln asleep. She asks Michael if he can get her some water and he goes to check a bathroom in the bottom level of the train car. Sara follows Michael and they pass Kellerman. He offers, “It was never personal, Sara. War never is.” When she clears his periphery, she makes her move. Sara wraps the drawstring around her hands and wraps the slack around Kellerman’s neck. He grasps for it, but before he can pull it away, she’s leaning back and pulling full force. His arms flail to get a hold of her. Lincoln races down the aisle and grabs her wrists. Michael runs up the stairs and pulls her away. Kellerman, free of the drawstring, gasps for breath and stares at Sara. Michael holds her waist while she fights to get free. Kellerman dashes forward, but Lincoln stops him. Kellerman points at Sara and warns, “You get ONE of those.” A knock comes from the back of the car. Kellerman walks and opens the door, the ticket taker says a couple of other passengers are saying they saw a fight. Kellerman tells them to just get to Chicago and mind their own business. Lincoln keeps Sara and Kellerman separated, Sara walks away and says, “It’s nothing personal, Paul.”

Bellick struts out to the parking lot and finds a brand new pick-up truck waiting for him. Inside he finds a folder containing all the current information about the escaped cons whereabouts. He also finds a gun, and a badge.

T-Bag escorts Patty to the front door, she tells Susan that she should host the book club this week before she says goodbye. T-Bag closes the door behind her and tells the family to pack their things so they can leave.

C-Note and Dede eat a small diner. Dede is depressed and C-Note tries to get her to eat something. But Dede isn’t feeling well and C-Note takes her to the bathroom to vomit. He picks her up and carries her to the front of the restaurant. Just as he’s trying to pay, a man with a gun opens the front door and orders everyone to stay put.

Michael knocks on the bathroom door where Sara has locked herself. When she doesn’t answer, he heads topside and sits with Lincoln. Lincoln is afraid that whatever they find in the cigar box is going to be buried just like the tape they made. Michael tells Lincoln that they’re keeping Kellerman around to avoid that happening again.

Kellerman makes his way passed Michael and Lincoln to the back of the train. He makes sure that he can’t be seen or heard, and calls President Reynolds. “I need to know exactly what you meant when you said you’ll make everything right.” He tells her that he’s on a train and headed to Chicago. When she asks about Michael and Lincoln, Kellerman deflects the conversation back to himself. She tells him that she’ll make him Chief of Staff. When she asks about the brothers again, Kellerman just says they’ll meet in Chicago and talk.

The robber is getting impatient and thinks that C-Note has more money. When one of the customers makes a move for the door, the robber hits the man across the face with his gun. C-Note negotiates with the man, and takes control of the situation. He tells the waitress to make the place look like the diner is closed and takes everyone else to the other side of the room. The man twitches and C-Note keeps his cool.

Michael knocks on the bathroom door and slowly makes his way inside. Sara tells Michael that for all the terrible things she’s done since leaving Fox River, at least she’s not using drugs. Michael tells her that she can have her life back, but she wonders if Michael truly believes that. Michael says that she needs to have faith because it’s the only thing that can keep them going. Sara says there are two things keeping her going. She wants revenge for her father’s death. And she continues, “The first thing they tell you when you take the job, is to never fall in love with an inmate.” She turns to see Michael’s reaction. He slowly moves his hand in and caresses her face. Sara’s eyes light up and she moves in to kiss him. In their moment alone, every feeling they have with held comes to the surface. Suddenly, the car jerks, and begins to slow down.

Lincoln rushes down with Kellerman and they stick their heads out a door. Michael meets him there. Up ahead, Lincoln sees that police cars have blocked the tracks. “Roadblock,” Lincoln warns.

The four of them make their way to the door of the engine. Michael tries the handle, but the door is locked. Lincoln takes a breath and turns back. He climbs a ladder to climb to the top of the engine car. He precariously makes his way along the top of the car, trying to keep his footing on the roof. He’s able to make his way to the front, climb down the side and access the side door to the engine. He slides inside and draws his gun on the engineer, then opens the door for Michael to enter. Lincoln orders the engineer to run the roadblock. The engineer speeds the train up.

The train explodes through the squad cars and races on.

Bellick sits alone in his pick-up truck, staring into the rearview mirror and rehearsing his introduction, “Bradley Bellick, FBI. Brad Bellick, Federal Bureau of Investigations. Brad Bellick, FBI. Special Agent Brad Bellick, FBI.” and finally, “Brad Bellick, I’m with the Bureau.”

Bellick walks into Sasha’s house and introduces himself to Sasha. He reads Sasha’s statement back to her and points out that she was lying about where to find Haywire. She tells him that Haywire has a fear of crowds and strangers so he’s going to do his best to stay away from places with people. Bellick threatens to arrest Sasha for hindering his investigation. Sasha thinks they should just leave Haywire alone because in a way, he did something good for her.

Bellick calls Mahone to tell him he has a lead on Haywire. Mahone is on his way, and orders Bellick to keep an eye on Haywire.

Michael tells everyone that there will certainly be cops waiting for them at the next train station. Lincoln suggests they jump but Kellerman doesn’t know where they’d hide. Lincoln forces the conductor to slow the train.

C-Note collects belongings from the diner patrons and hands it to the robber. He orders everyone into the storage room, but C-Note knows he has to get his daughter to the hospital. C-Note begs the man to let them go so Dede doesn’t get left alone. The robber thinks it over and agrees to set him free. As C-Note makes his way to the door, the robber grabs the waitress. C-Note can’t stand by and watch the robber harm the waitress. The robber moves toward C-Note, and C-Note’s military instincts kick in. He wrestles the man down, and breaks his arm. Police cars roll up front and the robber screams on the floor. An officer asks who attacked the robber, and the man who tried to flee earlier takes responsibility to cover for C-Note. The waitress makes sure the back door is clear and helps C-Note and Dede get out without notice. C-Note whispers to the waitress, “Thank you.”

Haywire rummages through his tent for string. Bellick screams out from the surrounding woods, “Haywire! Don’t move!” Haywire takes off running, Bellick close behind.

The trail slows to a crawl. Over the radio, the ticket taker calls to the engineer and tells him that there are four jumpers. The engineer reports to the cops that the people who forced them through the roadblock have jumped off the train.

A helicopter sweeps the area while armed cops comb the woods. Suddenly a man cries out, “Over here! Don’t shoot!” It’s the ticket taker, and several other passengers wearing Michael, Lincoln, Sara and Kellerman’s clothes.

Meanwhile, at the station, the four slip off the train and passed cops hovering around. They walk off to find a car.

Haywire races on, doing his best to get ahead of Bellick. He finds his way to a grain silo and begins climbing upward. Bellick runs out of the woods and sees Haywire make his way across a catwalk. He calls Mahone, “I’ve got Haywire trapped.”

While Lincoln, Michael and Sara look for unlocked cars, Kellerman phones President Reynolds. “Caroline, did you send the police?” Kellerman is suspicious about the person on the other end and asks a personal question, “Where did we spend my thirty-fifth birthday?” The person on the other end begins to panic. Kellerman warns, “Whoever this is, just tell Bill Kim that he just screwed up. Big time.” A blonde agent sits behind a computer station that was masking her voice. She turns to Kim. Agent Kim brings his hands to his face knowing he just escalated the war.

Lincoln finds a car and the others slide in.

Mahone arrives to find Bellick surrounded by locals and the cops pulling up. Mahone is furious that Bellick let the scene get out of hand. Mahone begins climbs his way up to Haywire, and stops a moment. He removes a pill from the top of his pen and swallows it before moving on. Once at the top, Mahone tries to reason with Haywire. Haywire is scared and doesn’t want to go back to prison. He just wants to go to Holland. Mahone tells him that he doesn’t have to go to prison, but he can’t go to Holland either. Mahone whispers, “There is a way out.”

Kellerman sits in the passenger seat while the others look at the Corona De Oro Cigar Club in Chicago. He tells them there’s a private humidor in the back and the only person between them and what’s in the box is a receptionist. Kellerman offers, “I’m not a wanted fugitive. Give me the key. I’ll do it.” Michael looks at Sara, “Let’s go for a walk.”

Haywire looks over the fields. He cries to Mahone, “I want to go! I want to go NOW!” He springs up and climbs a railing. He looks to Mahone who offers, “It’s okay.” Haywire steps over the edge, and jumps.

Michael pulls up short of the club and holds Sara’s wrist. He looks her in the eyes, “Sara, about before…you too…” Sara flutters a bit and then coolly walks in. Sara shows the receptionist the key and walks back. The club manager asks the receptionist if everything is okay, she tells him, “That woman looked just like the Governor’s daughter.”

Haywire’s body hits the pavement, the painting of Holland falls near him.

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