EPISODE 421 “Rates of Exchange”

Krantz holds Sara captive, Christina even shot Linc in a lung for urgency, each demands Scylla as ransom. Michael tries to cheat his mother, but only a driver is hurt in his tripwire explosion. FBI Agent Chris Franco finds and tortures Self in hospital with a splintered leg, who gets an immunity deal. Linc tells […]

EPISODE 407 “Five the Hard Way”

Airdate: 2008-10-06 Gretchen holds T-Bag hostage in his house and she cuts his arm with a knife. He reveals what little he knows about Scylla. At the warehouse, Michael and the team explain to Agent Self why they have to go to Las Vegas in order to get to Scuderi and his card. Self pulls […]

EPISODE 419 “S.O.B.”

Airdate: 2009-05-01 Michael calls Lincoln and tells him that Sandinsky’s been working with Christina. He then calls Christina and asks about Sandinsky. She won’t talk about him and asks to meet. Michael says no Scylla, no meeting. She’s got ten minutes to decide. Downey has traced the call; Michael’s at an industrial park in El […]

EPISODE 418 “Versus”

Airdate: 2009-04-24 Christina’s sniper takes aim at Lincoln just as he moves behind some trees, giving Self and Mahone enough time to spot the sniper. Mahone runs up to the roof and a fight begins. The sniper runs from Mahone down the stairwell, and Linc’s waiting at the bottom. He demands to know where Christina […]

EPISODE 412 “Selfless”

Airdate: 2008-11-24 As Michael searches for the seams on Scylla, Pad Man heads down to where he is. Yet even though there are six cards, there is only one port on the Scylla. The team gets Pad Man when he arrives. Michael puts cables into the slots and removes Scylla from the mainframe computer.Self manages […]

EPISODE 410 “The Legend”

Airdate: 2008-11-10 The angry team demands that Agent Self deliver Bellick’s body to his mother. Gretchen hands over the missing pages from the Bird Book and tells them the Company is planning to move Scylla. Meanwhile, Lisa informs Pad Man that they’ve hit a snag with Scylla but that it will be gone by morning.Michael […]

EPISODE 403 “Shut Down”

Airdate: 2008-09-08 In a remote area, a furious Michael confronts Self. The data card they’ve obtained is useless. It means nothing without the other five Scylla cards. Self is unaware of the additional cards. Yet he threatens Michael that he will return to prison if he doesn’t come up with the remaining five cards. Michael […]