EPISODE 412 “Selfless”

Airdate: 2008-11-24

As Michael searches for the seams on Scylla, Pad Man heads down to where he is. Yet even though there are six cards, there is only one port on the Scylla. The team gets Pad Man when he arrives. Michael puts cables into the slots and removes Scylla from the mainframe computer.Self manages to fight off Feng’s men and Trishanne shoots Feng. At The Gate, T-Bag and Gretchen capture everyone with a gun. Trishanne returns to the office and sees that they have the Gate staff as hostages.

The gang emerges from underground with Scylla to Pad Man’s office. The Company is locked down while they are locked in the office.

Sara stakes out Lisa at a restaurant and grabs her at gunpoint. Pad Man tries to convince Michael and the guys to leave Scylla and they will be spared. Yet Michael puts him on the phone with Lisa. Michael walks Pad Man out of the building safely. When Harlan goes to rescue Lisa, he finds her bound and gagged. Sara is gone.

At the Gate, Trishanne releases the hostages and there is a shoot out. Trishanne catches T-Bag.

The team gets away in an armored car with Scylla. They realize they are being tailed, and split off in different directions at the airport. Ferguson sees Michael with a backpack and notifies Pad Man, who has all flights grounded. Michael texts a message to Mahone, who calls 911 about a gun in a backpack at the airport. When Ferguson catches Michael and Lincoln, they give him the backpack. Police grab Ferguson, who is holding the alleged backpack with a gun. Yet there is only a book in it.

Back at the warehouse, Michael hands Scylla to Self, who proffers an envelope of transfer papers. Sara admits to Michael that she is scared. Yet when Michael tries to call Self, he does not answer. Self asks Trishanne if there were other buyers for Scylla. He then shoots Trishanne. Yet T-Bag sees him do it.

When Michael opens up the envelope, the so-called transfer papers are blank.

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