EPISODE 407 “Five the Hard Way”

Airdate: 2008-10-06

Gretchen holds T-Bag hostage in his house and she cuts his arm with a knife. He reveals what little he knows about Scylla.
At the warehouse, Michael and the team explain to Agent Self why they have to go to Las Vegas in order to get to Scuderi and his card. Self pulls Mahone aside and grills him on how he can get to the Company. Mahone uses the example of Michael — he stopped running and “took the game to me.”

T-Bag’s receptionist Trishanne calls Bellick, who had left her his number at The Gate. She offers to give him info on T-Bag for money. While the others go to Vegas, Michael, Mahone and Bellick stay back to deal with T-Bag. Yet it is a set-up, and T-Bag pulls a gun on the three. Mahone escapes and T-Bag takes Michael and Bellick to his house. He threatens to kill Michael unless he helps interpret the Bird Book.

Mahone gets the GPS tracker from Self in order to save Michael. Mahone tells Self to stick to the plan.

The others arrive in Las Vegas, and Roland is eyed by casino security. Sara is worried because she hasn’t heard from Michael. Lincoln admits that their mother had a brain tumor. He tells her that Michael has started getting the same nosebleeds she had at the same age when she died.

Michael slips one of the bird clues about The Gate into his pocket and asks T-Bag about it. T-Bag trains his gun on Trishanne to get Michael to tell him that the Bird Book is a blueprint. Gretchen, hiding in another room, notices Bellick’s ankle monitor. Mahone raids the house and sees the two ankle monitors on the table. No one else is there. He spots a folded origami bird. It is the clue about The Gate.

At Trishanne’s place, Michael puts together the blueprint. Trishanne slips to Bellick that T-Bag is not alone. Michael shows T-Bag that Scylla is the Company’s little black book. He tells T-Bag that he is only in it “for the money.”

Pad Man gives Wyatt the order to kill Self, but Wyatt finds Self’s house empty. Agent Self is at Pad Man’s office. He gives Pad Man his investigation files on him. If Self is murdered, other agents will start investigating too.

In Vegas, the guys trail Scuderi at the poker tables to get close to his card. Yet Roland’s computer goes haywire and he tells them to pull out. It was filling up on all of the casino’s slot payout data instead, which is what Roland had originally built his program to do. Sucre follows Scuderi to the pool and is convinced he doesn’t have the card on him. Wearing a bikini, Sara tries to get Scuderi to take her to his suite. He rejects her, and the bartender lets her know that the man is gay. The others need Sucre to “take one for the team.”

Gretchen kidnaps T-Bag’s Gate associate and ties him up. She forces him to sign his resignation letter from Gate and then strangles him. T-Bag takes Michael to the Gate office and they go into a storage closet where Michael rips up the carpet. They enter an underground room through a metal hatch in the floor. Mahone shows up, and he and Michael lock T-Bag in a cage.

Sucre goes to the pool and peels off his shirt next to Scuderi, who invites him to his room. Sucre is nervous, but the device tracks all of the information from Scuderi’s card. Yet Scuderi isn’t interested in him sexually. He offers him money to have sex with his wife instead. As the group goes to leave the hotel, Roland sneaks off to the slot machines and instantly wins. A security guard kicks him out and takes the device from him.

Michael explains the blueprint to Self and Mahone. Under the Gate is where they can decode Scylla. As they leave, a cell phone rings under a trashcan. It’s Gretchen, who tells Self that she has the rest of the Bird Book and won’t give it up until she gets T-Bag.

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