EPISODE 404 “Eagles and Angels”

Airdate: 2008-09-15

With a camera phone far off, the gang gets an image of a license plate which is traced to a Turkish consulate Erol Tabak. As they are staking the man, Roland’s data tracking device reveals that the cardholder is not the consul. It’s his wife, Lisa Tabak. Don Self calls Sara to inform her that Bruce Bennett was found dead at his apartment.

The crew watches in a public place as Lisa Tabak exits with three private contractors surrounding her. As Lisa and her handlers pass, Lincoln sees T-Bag from a distance. Lincoln and Michael chase after him and rough him up. They demand to know where the Bird Book is. When security approaches, all three leave the scene.

Pad Man contacts Wyatt, who says that he is in Los Angeles trailing Sara Tancredi.

Michael lets Self know that T-Bag has a Bird Book, which he believes contains Whistler’s plans for breaking into the Company.

Back a the warehouse, the crew researches Lisa’s background. A press release announces that she is set to attend a charity event called “Eagles and Angels,” which honors police officers killed in the line of duty.

A distraught Sara retreats to a bar in San Pedro and orders a drink. She confesses to a female bartender about her friendship with Bruce Bennett. A male patron unsuccessfully hits on Sara. He grabs Bennett’s credit card from Sara’s wallet as he leaves.

Agent Self goes to the home of his Company informant Jasper Potts but discovers that the man has been killed. Self does not see Wyatt exit the building.

The crew, dressed in police uniforms, enters the charity event. Lisa’s security guard recognizes Lincoln, who becomes paranoid. He calls Bellick and Sucre to have them meet him out back. As Lincoln makes his exit, the security guard pulls his gun. Suddenly, Bellick appears and stabs the man in the abdomen. Lincoln grabs the knife and stabs the guard again. Michael and Mahone, meanwhile, stall Lisa in order to retrieve data from her card.

Wyatt interrogates a tied-up and battered Gretchen, demanding that she reveal more about Michael and Lincoln. Wyatt then gets a phone call that Bennett’s credit card was just used at a bar in San Pedro. Wyatt shows up to the bar and shows the bartender Sara’s photo. Wyatt just misses Sara as she leaves.

As Sara takes a stroll through a park, she gets a call from Michael. They make plans to meet for dinner. Wyatt overhears her conversation and begins to follow her.

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