EPISODE 403 “Shut Down”

Airdate: 2008-09-08

In a remote area, a furious Michael confronts Self. The data card they’ve obtained is useless. It means nothing without the other five Scylla cards. Self is unaware of the additional cards. Yet he threatens Michael that he will return to prison if he doesn’t come up with the remaining five cards.
Michael returns to the warehouse and informs the gang that they have to find the other cards. Meanwhile, Mahone disappears and makes a phone call to Agent Lang, asking her to find out who killed his son. Unbeknownst to Mahone, Lincoln overhears the whole conversation.

Back in Chicago, Wyatt interrogates a tied up Bennett. He knows that Bennett bailed out Michael and Lincoln and that the brothers are not in prison. Wyatt tortures Bennett until he reveals their whereabouts.

In his office, Self explains to his director Stanton that they now need a total of six Scylla cards. Stanton is unsure whether the whole mission is a mistake. Self is convinced that Michael can obtain the other five because he retrieved the first one so quickly.

Michael discovers an email that was sent to Tuckhorn about an arrival in London. Yet Mahone knows that the email is actually written in code. Deciphering it reveals that there is a 4:00 Scylla meeting. Roland then traces the emails to a main server in Anaheim. While Sucre and Bellick stake out Tuckhorn’s office, the rest head to Anaheim to hack into the main server.

With a new apartment, T-Bag opens the GATE materials and discovers a welcome letter mentioning $75,000 and year and a commencement bonus of $10,000.

When Tuckhorn never shows up to work, Sucre leaves. Suddenly, two armed agents arrive to detain him. Sucre hesitantly puts his hands up after secretly texting the gang at the warehouse to “run.”

The crew flees the warehouse. Self follows them via GPS. While on the run, Michael figures out a code that leads them to the 4pm meeting at a Newport Beach power point.

They carjack a taxi and head to the power plant. Self and his team are there waiting, and apprehend them all. Michael is not among the crew because he is already in the power plant. There he discovers Tuckhorn and Pad Man waiting for the other cardholders.

Michael records all 6 cardholders on cell phone video. He goes to the dockyard where the agents are holding the crew and plays the video for Self. After seeing proof of all six cardholders, Self releases the crew. They can return to the warehouse hideout.

Wyatt gets Bennett to confess that Sara is in Los Angeles. Wyatt then kills him.

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