EPISODE 416 “The Sunshine State” Sneak Peek

Airdate: 2008-12-22 **FALL FINALE** THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG ON THE ALL-NEW FALL FINALE OF “PRISON BREAK” MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, ON FOX. Lincoln and his new partners arrive in Miami to recover Scylla from its shocking new owner, and Sarah searches for a missing Michael who learns some surprising information about his past. Meanwhile, […]

EPISODE 401 “Scylla”

Airdate: 2008-09-01 Michael is in Los Angeles and prepared to enact revenge on the Company for killing Sara. He tracks Mahone, Gretchen and Whistler to a hotel where they are trying to retrieve a data card stolen from the Company. Whistler copied the card, unbeknownst to Gretchen. Michael traps them, and threatens to kill Gretchen […]

EPISODE 414 “Just Business”

Airdate: 2008-12-08 Sara injects Michael. Meanwhile, at an abandoned building nearby, Lincoln sees Self’s car pull up to the warehouse. Michael calls Self, who wants the missing piece. Self fires gas canisters at the team. Lincoln gets the drop on Self. Gretchen shows up with a drawn gun. She saves Self and the two escape. […]

EPISODE 107 “Riots, Drills and The Devil – Part 2”

Airdate: 2005-10-03 Tensions run high as chaos continues to erupt behind the walls of Fox River. Military choppers circle the yard as reinforcements on the ground secure the perimeter. On the roof, overlooking the activity, Michael crouches behind an exhaust vent to stay hidden from the helicopter. When it passes, he deftly removes the vent’s […]

EPISODE 215 “The Message”

Airdate: 2007-01-29 A special news bulletin announces that Michael and Lincoln have delivered a video. The news cast rolls the tape. Lincoln looks into the camera, “My name is Lincoln Burrows. And I’m innocent.” Six hours earlier… Michael and Lincoln stand over Terrence’s dead body, Kellerman is on the move. Kellerman barks to the brothers, […]

EPISODE 222 “Sona”

Airdate: 2007-04-02 Michael paces on the top deck of the boat, tortured by Mahone’s offer. A teenage Panamanian kid, Chaco, walks down the dock with a box full of assorted goods. He offers Michael candy and beer, but Michael coldly rejects Chaco’s offer. Chaco looks around then offers Michael, “Spleef? Magic Mushroom? Burst your brains.” […]

EPISODE 311 “Under and Out”

Airdate: 2008-02-04 Michael tells his escape cohorts they have 24 hours to re-dig the tunnel – and it took three days the first time. He still has no idea how they’re getting around the guards. The others are not happy. Later, T-Bag tells the others that last time they broke out, Michael screwed them all […]

EPISODE 218 “Wash”

Airdate: 2007-02-26 The audio file plays on the laptop. Michael, Lincoln and Sara don’t breathe as they listen to the recording. When the file finishes, Sara in shock says, “Oh my God.” Lincoln paces and tries to grasp what he just heard. Mahone stands before the photos of the Fox River Eight at the FBI […]

EPISODE 115 “By the Skin & the Teeth”

Airdate: 2006-03-27 The clock on the execution room wall reads 11:58 PM. Only minutes before Lincoln Burrows’ execution, Bellick and Pope stand off to the side as two C.O.s strap Lincoln into the chair. Lincoln clenches his hands around the arms of the chair and breathes deeply as the C.O.s attach the final bolts to […]

EPISODE 302 “Fire/Water”

Airdate: 2007-09-24 After receiving his daily water ration, Michael tells McGrady, the young Panamanian inmate, that he’s looking for James Whistler. It turns out that everyone is looking for Whistler, who killed the the mayor of Panama City’s son. Michael and McGrady’s conversation comes to an end when a scuffle breaks out at the front […]