EPISODE 207 “Buried”

Airdate: 2006-10-02

T-Bag jams his forearm into Jeanette’s mouth to keep her quiet. Michael moves to the window at the female officer approaching the front door. “Hey mom, you home?” Ann, Jeanette’s daughter, shouts out. She turns to see broken glass on the floor and she knows something is wrong. She rests her hand on her pistol and begins to move through the house. Sucre, C-Note and Lincoln press themselves against a wall as Ann moves upstairs.
Michael breathes heavily, trying to get a plan. Jeanette squirms loose from T-Bag’s grip and screams. Ann turns, draws her gun and enters the room. Her sights are set on Michael. T-Bag tells Ann to back down, as Sucre sneaks up behind her. She catches Sucre off guard with an elbow to the face, but Lincoln is able to wrap her up and knock the gun from her hand.

Mahone walks through the Tooele Police Department with Lyle Sands who gives him the run down on the hardware store. Lyle suggests that the men could be long gone, but Mahone knows as long as there’s five million dollars beneath Tooele, the cons are staying in town. Mahone looks inside an interrogation room to Tweener, sitting at a table. “He’s gonna tell us exactly where to look.”

Sara moves nervously through the grocery store with Kellerman chatting along the way. She’s doing her best to stay cool, but she’s breaking. Kellerman asks if Sara would care to join him to make cookies tonight. Sara says she needs to go and Kellerman notices her basket is empty. Something is wrong.

Michael paces and whispers, “This is going wrong in every possible way…” T-Bag tells everyone that they’ve already committed a crime by tying the women to the kitchen chairs, they need to finish the plan. Michael walks off, and is met by Lincoln. Michael tells him that he used to think they’d be able to start over, but he knows there’s no way to do that now. Michael returns to the dining room and apologizes to the women, then promises they will not be harmed. He asks Sucre to watch the women to ensure his promise.

Kellerman informs Agent Kim that Sara is suspicious of him. Kim tells Kellerman that both the governor and Sara are aware of whom he is and they’re back to square one. Kellerman suggests that they try going after L.J. now to get back to Lincoln.

Sara enters the governor’s office and finds Bruce Bennett. She asks to speak with her father. Bruce tells her that the White House withdrew his Vice Presidential nomination. Sara finds it strange that her father’s confirmation was a guarantee and suddenly, President Reynolds withdrew.

C-Note jumps in the hole to help with the digging. T-Bag sits off to the side, strangely piling old “National Anthropology” magazines. The men keep an eye on the television and listen to the latest news. Lincoln comments to the group that Tweener has been gone for a long time.

Sands exits the interrogation room, “Leaned on him in every way we could think of. He’s not talking.” Mahone ignores him and enters the room. He closes the blinds. Mahone starts to verbally dig into Tweener’s mind. Mahone tells Tweener that he’ll tell him a secret, if Tweener tells him one. Mahone relives a deadly cat and mouse game with a man named Oscar Shales. Eventually, the stress of watching the body count rise broke Mahone and he now needs pills to keep his mind together. Tweener keeps his mouth shut. Mahone spreads photos of the deceased Dr. Gudat. Mahone warns Tweener that if he doesn’t tell him where T-Bag is, the blood of T-Bag’s victims are going to be on Tweener’s hands.

A C.O. at the detention center in Arizona walks with L.J., telling him he has a meeting scheduled with his lawyer. L.J. knows something is strange and tries to tell the C.O. that it’s impossible.

Kellerman watches Sara exit her father’s office from a car across the street. Agent Kim calls him and tells him everything is arranged with L.J.

The C.O. drags L.J. deep into the detention center basement and locks him in room. A man in a suit walks into the room and tells L.J. he’s there to give L.J. his release papers.

Sara walks into the governor’s mansion and a guard sends her upstairs to his study. When Sara gets upstairs, she sees her father hanging by a rope slung over a door. Sara looks for a pulls, then pulls him off the door. She screams for help.

Ann mumbles through the gag around her mouth, telling Sucre she needs her pills. The pills are needed to prevent the miscarriage of her unborn baby. Sucre retrieves the pills and water to wash them down. Before Sucre puts the gag back on, Ann asks why Sucre is doing what he’s doing.

In the garage, tensions are mounting. C-Note demands that T-Bag dig. Lincoln asks Michael how long it’s been since Tweener left. It’s been at least an hour and a half. Suddenly, the con’s attention is drawn to the TV. A news reporter states that L.J. has been released from jail due to the disappearance of blood and fingerprint evidence. Lincoln watches, wild-eyed. He has a new focus.

Lincoln storms into the dining room and grabs the keys to Jeanette’s car. Michael pleads with him to stay and says they’re close to getting the cash. But Lincoln can’t stay. He has to go get his son, “I guess this is where we part ways,” he tells Michael.

Tweener looks over the images of Dr. Gudat, the guilt appears to be wearing him down.

Back at the FBI command center, Agent Wheeler updates Haywire’s information. He stole cash, jewelry and a ten dollar painting from the blind woman’s house.

Inside a camping store, Haywire frantically dumps beef jerky and food inside a duffel bag. The store owner questions Haywire, but Haywire takes off running. The owners dog close behind.

Sara sits in her father’s study as the paramedics take her dead father out of the room. Another guard explains to her that there were no signs of foul play. As she collects her belongings, she finds a key that slipped from her father’s pocket when she lowered him from the door.

Lincoln gets ready to leave, Michael stands nearby. Michael reminds Lincoln that they’re to meet up at the rendezvous point, “Bolshoi Booze.” They have a lot of ground to cover in just a few days, and Michael tells Lincoln to be careful. Lincoln starts the car and backs out of the driveway.

Mahone continues to chip away at Tweener and offers him a deal to be put up at “Club Fed,” with lawyers and stock brokers. “There’s a woman in the house,” Tweener cracks. He continues on to tell him that T-Bag isn’t coming out alive and he’ll kill the woman. Tweener suggests that the only way to get this done is to have someone they trust knock on the door.

Haywire finally gets clear the dog on his tail. When he rests, he sees a boat parked in a driveway. He climbs inside and begins digging in the storage boxes. The dog barks up at him, and then gets a piece of Haywire’s stolen beef jerky. The dog quiets down.

Sucre helps Ann with a glass of water. She asks him what he was in Fox River for, but Sucre doesn’t want to talk. Ann continues on and Sucre finally just goes along with it. He tells her that he had eighteen months left on his sentence. Ann figures out that he broke out because of a woman. Suddenly, Ann’s radio chirps to life, “Ten-five. Dispatch to all units. Transporting David Apolskis in FBI custody. Stand by.”

C-Note, sweaty and tired, comments that they don’t have the manpower anymore. T-Bag sarcastically bites that maybe it’s all the talking that’s slowing them down. C-Note throws T-Bag in the hole and Michael is too tired and too focused to care. Sucre busts in and tells them they need to move because the cops have Tweener. C-Note moves his leg and finds a stack of loose hundred dollar bills. The other men jump into the hole.

Mahone transports Tweener. In the backseat, another agent wires him with a microphone in case Tweener tries to give the cons warning.

Haywire sits on the beach with this dog companion. He lays out a map, rope and compass. Haywire planning to build a raft to sail to Holland.

T-Bag excitedly shares a story of living in Thailand and black market surgery as the men lift a crate full of money from the hole. Their laughing stops as they hear the sound of a car door slamming outside.

Tweener slowly approaches the front door. Behind him, FBI cars and SUVs line the street. Tweener rings the doorbell. Mahone gets ready to unleash his agents. The door creaks open, and Debra Jean, the girl who took Tweener halfway to Utah, answers the door. Mahone calls the agents to move, knowing that Tweener took them to the wrong place. Tweener smiles and promises to write Debra Jean as the agents drag him away.

Michael walks around to the front of the garage. A man has arrived wearing casual clothes and driving a convertible. The man tells Michael that he was supposed to drive himself and Jeanette to the club, and Michael says she’s already left. Keith leaves, but Michael knows they have to hurry. In the garage, the men hurry to pack duffel bags.

Tweener shoots his mouth off in the backseat of Mahone’s SUV. Mahone pulls the SUV off the road and exits the car. He looks around the flat land around him, looking for something. Tweener jumps out.

Lincoln races along the highway, headed to Arizona.

Kim calls Kellerman and asks why L.J. is being released from custody. Kellerman tells Kim that he plans to use L.J. to lure Lincoln out of hiding. Kellerman comments to Kim that eliminating the Governor was not part of the plan. Kim says anyone who is a liability must be killed, even Sara.

Sara exhaustedly walks into her apartment, numbly looking through the mail. She holds up an unaddressed envelope to the light, inside is another one of Michael’s cranes. She turns around and looks at her coffee table which is littered with Morphine bottles and hypodermic needles. A shadow moves behind her.

Tweener tells Mahone that he’s staying loyal to Michael. Mahone slowly walks toward Tweener, saying he lied about Oscar Shales escaping him. Tweener looks around, knowing something is wrong. Mahone grabs Tweener’s neck and points to a spot on his neck, “Right there, that’s where I put a bullet in him.” Mahone’s voice begins to shake with frustration, “I’m so sorry about this kid,” Mahone draws his gun and fires his gun, hitting Tweener in the shoulder. He doesn’t stop and continues to fire until Tweener slumps down, dead. Mahone places another gun in Tweener’s dead hands, then begins to crumble. The realization of what he just did hits home.

Ann continues to barrage Sucre with questions and trying to swing him to her side. Sucre lets her rant, and dips his head under the running faucet. Ann says that if Sucre turns himself in, that she’ll testify in his honor. Sucre has heard enough and grabs Ann’s gun off the counter and storms in, Jeanette watches in horror. “Fernando! Let’s go!” Michael calls from the garage.

C-Note, T-Bag and Michael sling the packed duffel bags over their shoulders, all wearing smiles. Sucre steps in, pointing the gun at them. Michael is stunned, “What are you doing?” Sucre orders them to drop the bags, “No one’s going anywhere…”

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