EPISODE 301 “Orientacíon”

Airdate: 2007-09-17

A woman known as Susan B. Anthony does her make-up before a vanity, and uses the make-up to cover deep scratches on her face. Michael stands among a screaming crowd in the yard of Sona. Two men size each other up in a circle of prisoners.

Lincoln begs a clerk at the American Embassy to get Michael out of Sona. The clerk tells Lincoln that “the worst of the worst” are inside Sona. The prisoners rioted so badly, that the guards pulled out and left the prisoners to fend for themselves. The man looks Lincoln in they eyes, “Whatever goes in…never comes out. Unless it’s dead.”

Michael watches in horror as the two men fight until one man finally snaps the other man’s neck.

The next morning, Lincoln stands in the office of the American Consul. The Consul is on the phone trying to get Michael out of Sona. The Consul tells Lincoln that Michael’s case looks like Michael will walk away an innocent man and he’ll be transferred to another facility in forty-eight hours.

Michael sees Bellick, stripped of his clothes and beaten, walking across the yard. Bellick asks some inmates for water and they point him to a mud puddle. They shove Bellick down, and kick the muddy water in his face. When the inmates leave, a scrawny prisoner named Sapo, also only nearly naked, helps Bellick to his feet.

Mahone sits alone, his hands shaking. He reaches into his jacket to remove his pen. After unscrewing the top, he finds he’s out of pills. Michael walks in and Mahone springs up to meet him. Mahone demands that Michael helps him when his court date comes. Michael refuses to help and wants to know why The Company wanted him in a Panamanian prison. Mahone doesn’t know anything, he was just following orders. Mahone pleads with Michael to work together. Michael tells Mahone he won’t help him, because every time he looks at Mahone, he sees the man that killed his father.

A woman stands outside the Sona, screaming and demanding that the prisoners send out the dead. Lincoln enters a guard shack. The guards call for Michael to come to visitation, which is a chain link cage extending out from Sona. The brothers meet again and try to make light of the situation. Lincoln tells Michael to hold on another day, and that he does not know where Sarah is. Lincoln walks away, promising to see Michael tomorrow.

Back in Sona, a young inmate named McGrady runs up to Michael asking about basketball. McGrady runs off when a group of thugs approaches Michael and tell him it is time for orientation. The leader, Sammy, flashes a knife and Michael follows.

Michael, Mahone and several other inmates are led into Lechero’s den. Lechero is the man who controls Sona. Lechero recognizes Michael and Mahone from the news. Michael says he won’t make waves. Lechero tells them that if there is conflict, the men must settle it in the yard in a fight to the death. Another inmate at the end of the line loses control of his bladder. Lechero strikes the man and beats him. Michael barks out, “I think he gets the message!” Lechero tries to intimidate Michael, but it doesn’t work. Lechero angrily dismisses the inmates.

Lincoln talks to a Constable inside a police station. He hands the Constable a photo of Sarah, asking the man to call Lincoln if anyone matching her description shows up.

Bellick sees Sapo wearing shoes. They belong to the dead man who lost the fight the night before. Sammy shouts at Bellick and Sapo that they need to start earning their rent. He hands them some plastic parkas and leads them to the prison toilet. Sapo and Bellick protest the job, but Sammy doesn’t care. He tells them to clean it and burn it in the sewers when they’re done.

Lechero looks down at Michael from the second tier. He makes eye contact with another inmate and nods towards Michael. The inmate nods back. Another one of Lechero’s men tells Lechero another American arrived and, “He’s got this hand…”

Michael looks across the yard as T-Bag enters and makes eye contact. From above, Mahone looks down and sees T-Bag. Over the loud speakers, the guards call for Michael to go to visitation.

Michael meets a man who introduces himself as Elliott Pike. Pike tells Michael, “I got a lot of big guns behind me, Mr. Scofield. People you might want to have in your corner should you ever decide, say, to break out of here.” Michael knows who Pike is working for and walks away uninterested in the offer.

Michael stands in his cell and looks around. Another inmate storms in, demanding his “stash.” He grabs Michael around the neck, but is pulled off by Lechero. Lechero orders Michael and his bed be checked for the other man’s drugs. They find a bag under Michael’s bed, clearly a set up. The inmate tells Michael they’re not through.

The Constable phones Lincoln. They found a woman matching Sarah’s description. She’s at the morgue.

Bellick and Sapo stop and beg a cook for some pieces of chicken. The man smugly hands Sapo and clean bone. Sapo begins to panic about starving to death. Bellick asks him to hang in there and walks away. Sapo pulls some wire from a cell window, and climbs up.

T-Bag finds Michael and asks him why the government would want him in Sona. Before Michael answers, the inmates cry out, “RUNNER!” They flood to the windows to see Sapo shuffling across the no-man’s land. The guards in the towers tell him to stop, but he keeps moving. Bellick screams out as machine gun fire cuts Sapo down.

Michael tries to deal with what he’s just seen and heads to his cell. On his bed is Lechero’s chicken foot. He has been challenged to a fight.

Lincoln walks with the Constable and looks at the body. The Constable pulls back the sheet, and Lincoln pauses. “It’s not her.”

Sammy leads Michael to Lechero, who enjoys seeing Michael holding the chicken foot. Michael tries to argue his case, but Lechero reminds Michael that the fight is Sona’s way of keeping justice. Michael tries to get Lechero to admit that he set up the fight. Lechero doesn’t blink.

Deep below the prison, in the sewers, someone is listening to Lechero’s conversation.

Bellick wades through the sewer with a bucket of bathroom sludge. The person who was listening to Lechero whistles to Bellick. He asks Bellick to do him a favor and promises to feed Bellick. The man hands meat through a small crack. Bellick pops the piece in his mouth and chews, and then asks where the man found chicken. After a pause, the raspy voice replies, “That’s not chicken.” Bellick doesn’t care and takes more. In exchange, the man hands Bellick two pieces of paper.

Lincoln answers his phone, it’s LJ. LJ says he’s in Panama and got Lincoln’s cell phone number from the Consulate. LJ tells Lincoln to meet him and Sarah in a restaurant.

The inmates gather and cheer in the yard. It’s time for the fight. T-Bag watches Lechero closely. Another inmate bumps into Lechero and spills soda on his shoes. T-Bag seizes his moment. He approaches Lechero and offers to clean the soda off Lechero’s shoes. Lechero appreciates T-Bag’s subservient manner.

Mahone stands outside Michael’s cell and tells Michael to attack the man’s knee cap. Mahone tells Michael to survive because he is Mahone’s, “get out jail free card.”

Bellick pushes through the crowd and bumps into Michael, slipping one of the pieces of paper into Michael’s back pocket. Bellick crosses the yard and does the same to Michael’s foe.

Lechero barks that the only rule is “no weapons,” then calls for the men to fight.

Michael shouts that he won’t fight. When the inmate looks up to Lechero, Michael attacks the man’s knee. The man buckles under the kick, allowing Michael the advantage. The inmates cheer for Michael to finish the fight. When he tires to leave the circle, they shove him back in. The inmate stands and lands a few punches, but Michael quickly knocks him back down. Someone tosses a blade into the ring. Mahone sees this and steps forward. The fallen inmate grabs the blade and stands, and then lunges at Michael. Mahone blocks the man’s arm, and then snaps the man’s neck. Mahone quickly shouts out, “Rules are rules, remember!?” The crowd breaks up, Lechero walks away frustrated.

Lincoln enters the restaurant looking for LJ and Sarah. Susan B. Anthony sits behind him, flirts with him a little. As Lincoln walks away, she calls him by his name. “We have a lot to discuss.” Lincoln slowly sits. There is anger on his face. She tells him that he needs to talk to Michael.

A military vehicle collects the dead from inside Sona, and Sapo’s body in no-man’s land. A guard shoots the bodies to make sure they’re dead.

The screaming woman from Lincoln’s first visit looks over the bodies. When the coast is clear, she checks their pockets. She finds the second note that Bellick left. It reads:

V. Madrid

Michael waits in visitation and finds the other note. Lincoln walks to the fence and tells Michael “There are some people who want you to break someone out of here.” Michael shakes his head, he can’t do that again. Lincoln continues, “His name’s James Whistler.” Lincoln shows Michael video on a handheld device. It’s video of Sarah and LJ, holding current newspapers and begging for help. Lincoln tells Michael he has a week to find Whistler and break out of Sona. Otherwise, Sarah and LJ are dead.

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