EPISODE 209 “Unearthed”

Airdate: 2006-10-30

Michael stands in the parking lot of the Blanding Botanical Gardens with his hat pulled low. He rolls up his sleeve and checks the tattoo on the back of his right elbow. He taps his finger on the blue-black image of a flower.Michael slides through the back of the gardens into a supply area. An employee leaves and the security gate slowly closes behind him. Before it shuts, Michael grabs the knob and moves into the building. He quickly checks a row of clipboards and grabs a hat and vest from a locker. A garden volunteer calls to Michael and wants to know what he’s doing there. Michael tells him that the night manager said he could change shifts. Michael smiles and heads into the gardens.

Once inside, Michael grabs a brochure from the wall and looks for the “APACHE DESERT GHOST” on the map. Hat pulled low, he moves through the garden and finds a white flower within a cactus. He stops and reads the name place. Michael looks away to another volunteer nearby who’s hands are suspiciously clean after taking care of the plants. Across from him is another man holding a camera, near his feet are several smoked cigarettes.

Michael knows he has been set up and slowly backs away from the plant. The men see Michael slipping away and move in. One man alerts unseen agents through a microphone tucked in his sleeve. Michael slips by a chain of school children, slowing down the agents. Agents split up, weapons drawn. It’s a race now. All three men sprint through the gardens. When the agents close in on Michael, they only find his hat and vest hanging on a fence.

Lincoln and LJ tear down the highway, still inside Jeanette’s car. Lincoln gets serious with LJ. Lincoln says that LJ is a free man. He can leave his father and start over. But LJ chooses to stand by Lincoln’s side.

Michael sits in the back corner of a diner. A local man barks at the waitress to turn up the volume on the television. A reporter speaks out, “Do you have any thoughts on the death of David Apolskis?” Hearing the name spins Michael around in the booth to face the television. Michael sits, mouth open, and watches Agent Mahone cover his tail. Mahone defends that Tweener was a fugitive and his case was handled appropriately. Mahone shows remorse for his actions and says, “Sometimes things happen that are just out of your control.” Another reporter speaks up, “Sources claim that you’ve recovered Scofield’s hard drive,” Michael slowly stands, but Mahone doesn’t answer the question. The reporter persists, claiming that the information from the hard drive led agents to the botanical gardens, but again Mahone declares, “No comment.” Michael quickly puts everything together. With that hard drive, Mahone could know everything.

Back at the FBI field office, Agent Lang tells Wheeler the results are back from their lab. They found 3200 Nitroglycerine ampoules hidden under the flower Michael was looking for. The conditions of the garden kept the Nitroglycerine stable. Mahone walks in and points out that the ampoules have more than enough power to destroy a building. He continues on to demanding than no more leaks can come from his department.

Michael cautiously walks through a copy store and sits at an open computer desk. He opens and internet browser and searches for “ALEXANDER MAHONE.” Michael prints out several news articles and photos from Mahone’s past. Finally, Michael uses a site to search for people’s addresses. He searches for “Pam Mahone,” and tracks her to Durango, Colorado. A slight smile appears on Michael’s face.

Michael walks through a local thrift store with a chatty employee on his heels. Michael looks up at a rack and tells the employee, “This is exactly what I need.”

Mahone buzzes around the FBI office, they missed Scofield today, but he knows they’re getting closer. He barks out to Lang that today is the day they capture C-Note.

C-Note slides up to his brother-in-law, Darius, taking care of business in an abandoned parking garage. He catches up with Darius’ gang, and then they get right to business. C-Note tells them that they’re going to help him get his wife back. He’s not leaving Chicago without her.

Agent Lang confronts C-Note’s wife, Kacee, as she gets ready to take their daughter to school. Lang tells Kacee that they know about the “Rainbow Room,” but it’s not the one in Manhattan. Lang threatens to arrest Kacee for Aiding and Abeting. Lang forces Kacee’s hand, either she give up her husband, or watch Child Services take away her daughter.

Bellick stands in a phone booth, on the phone with Fox River. Geary listens in, “Hey, whatcha got for me? Really? Fifty-two times? Where?” Bellick scribbles something on a piece of paper. “Owe ya one, Patterson.” Bellick hangs up the phone and tells Geary they have to move.

LJ walks out of a roadside diner with two drinks and food. Lincoln grins as he sees his son looking over a few teenage girls walking by. Lincoln turns on the engine and starts to tell LJ, “No more stops until we get to…” There’s a knock at the passenger side window, it’s a waitress from inside. LJ rolls down the window, she hands him the change he forgot. LJ rolls up the window, and the waitress walks away. Lincoln watches her, muttering, “Keep walking, keep walking…” The waitress turns for one last look, she’s made them. “Damnit,” Lincoln punches the engine and races out.

On the road, Lincoln tells LJ that they have to ditch the car now that the waitress made them. They have four hundred miles to make up and if they don’t meet Michael in time, they won’t make it out of the country. LJ does his best to make up the mistake to his father. Their tempers flare and Lincoln apologizes. He starts the engine again and drives off.

A doorbell rings in a quiet Colorado suburb. A lovely woman, Pam Mahone, answers the door to reveal Michael, in business suit and glasses looking over papers in a portfolio. He presents himself as “Agent Wayne Merrick” with the FBI, he has some question regarding her husband. Michael slides in the front door and tells Pam the questions are standard procedure before they can promote Mahone to a higher security clearance. Pam finds it odd though, seeing as though she’s divorced from Alex. She makes Michael promise not to tell Mahone that they spoke. When Michael asks why, she says, “To be perfectly honest, he scares me.”

Sara sits in a motel room with paper spread across the bed. She works furiously to crack Michael’s code and figure out where the rendezvous point is. The word “SUNDOWN/HOT” is scrawled on a book cover. When she accidentally holds the book alongside a burger wrapper, the word “HOTEL” finishes the piece. Sara flips through the phone book and then calls the operator. “I need the number of a Sundown Hotel.” When the operator asks in which state, Sara says, “All of them.” She jots the locations on a map.

At a bus station, T-Bag opens locker 804, tosses the duffel bag full of money inside, and locks the door. He slips the key into his sock and heads for the exit. As he leaves, he passes a flower stand and purchases sunflowers. When the cashier turns, he swipes a pair of scissors from the counter. The cashier asks T-Bag what brings him to Kansas, T-Bag smiles and growls, “Romance.”

C-Note, Darius and his crew stand around a warehouse, preparing to get Kacee and daughter. Darius’ guys believe they need guns at their side to be safe, if they’re going head on with the FBI, they need to be ready. But C-Note is against it, no guns because they can’t guarantee that his family will be safe. Darius stands up and agrees with C-Note.

An FBI agent tracks down Agent Kellerman with news about Kelli Foster, the woman who was shot when mistaken for Sara. She booked a flight to New Mexico and just landed.

Wheeler tells Mahone that a waitress in Arizona believes she ID’ed Lincoln. Mahone orders a field team out to confirm. Mahone’s phone rings and Kellerman updates him on Sara flying to New Mexico. Mahone spins and looks at the list of words on the wall, his eyes land on the letters “NM” throughout the words.

Pam tells Michael that Mahone wasn’t always so intense. One day, he just changed and was obsessed with getting his family out of his life. She continues to say that Mahone started spending all his time in the backyard, surrounded by huge bags of lye. He tore up new sod and planted a flower bed instead. She begins to choke up, but fights through it. All she wanted was an explanation, but all he gave her was, “Sometimes things are just out of your control.” She excuses herself, and as she leaves, Michael eyes her cell phone. He quickly stands and flips the phone open, then searches her phone book until he finds Mahone’s cell phone number.

Lang and other FBI agents wait in an unmarked van with Kacee at some local fairgrounds. Lang is debriefing Kacee on the plan. Lang says all Kacee has to do is wait for C-Note near the arcade. They other agents load weapons around her and Kacee begins to shake. Kacee turns to Lang, “I do this, you leave me any my child alone.”

Kacee walks out of the van and begins her walk to the arcade. C-Note, on a cell phone, calls a member of Darius’ crew, Flam, who confirms that Kacee is there. Chris slides out of a car, where C-Note is sitting in the passenger seat. He walks across the fairgrounds and stands near Kacee, with his hood up. He turns slightly and tells her that a black SUV is going to pull up to the entrance and she needs to run to it. She pauses, afraid that the FBI is going to take her daughter.

Lang spots Chris and sends an agent to see what’s going on.

Chris tells Kacee that every thing is taken care of. She needs to move. Kacee takes off running across the fairground toward the SUV. Lang screams to get the agents to move out. Kacee jumps into the SUV and it speeds off. As an unmarked squad car closes in on the SUV, a delivery truck screeches to a halt in front of the FBI vehicles. Flam is at the wheel and pretends to not speak English.

The SUV tears off across a field. Jay, another one of Darius’ friends, gives Kacee a cell phone. On the other end, C-Note tells her everything is okay and Darius is picking up Dede from school.

Lang barks out the order to have Dede pulled from school.

C-Note calls Darius who tells them that he thinks they’re stalling and keeping Dede away from him.

Michael continues to ask Pam Mahone questions. “What about Oscar Shales?” Pam doesn’t understand why Michael would ask, but he presses her on it. Shales was the only fugitive to elude Mahone, and Pam admits that he was obsessed with Shales. She says that she’s sure it wasn’t the stress of hunting Shales that broke Mahone because it happened after the trail went cold. She even remembers the exact date. Immediately after that, Michael says he thinks he has everything he needs. But Pam, knowing the FBI protocol better than Michael, asks if Michael needs social history and education. Michael says he needs to file his report with Strategic Operations immediately, but that doesn’t sit well with Pam. She tells Michael that Strategic Operations doesn’t handle background checks anymore, it’s now the Chief Information Officer. Michael covers his tracks by blaming the complexity of bureaucracies and excuses himself.

C-Note sits in an SUV near Dede’s school and tells Darius to get her out. He sees a couple of agents arrive and he sprints out of the car. He finds Darius in the school and sends Darius to start the car. C-Note sees Dede inside the classroom, then storms in and scoops her up. He exits out the back as the agents move in the front. C-Note runs across the campus and dives into the SUV, leaving the agents behind.

T-Bag walks down a familiar suburban street with sunflowers in his hand. He fixes his suit and does his best to look like a gentleman. He approaches a house and notices a reality sign out front. The front door is open and he enters the empty house of Susan Hollander. He straightens a chair and slumps down with clear disappointment.

Lincoln and LJ walks through the fields alongside a freeway. The two talk about girls and Lincoln learns a little more about his son. The two share a laugh, but Lincoln is still cautious and pulls LJ away from the road.

T-Bag sits in the chair, remember his time with the Hollander family. He stands and walks towards the kitchen, then trashes the sunflowers. When he turns back, Bellick knocks T-Bag unconscious with the house’s “FOR SALE” sign. Bellick stands over T-Bag and grumbles, “How ya feelin’, little Teddy?”

Mahone frantically tries to break the code on the origami birds. He scans mounds of paperwork, then something jumps out at him. One line reads, “ELGILANM63,” or, “EL GILA, NM, 6/3.” Mahone looks at his calendar and whispers, “That’s tomorrow.” His cell phone rings, he flips it open and answers, “Pam, this isn’t a good time.” Michael answers, “Maybe I should call back.” Mahone’s jaw drops and he scans the office for anyone to motion too, but the office is empty.

Mahone gets defensive; making sure Michael hasn’t hurt his family. Mahone closes his office door and then begins to hint to Mahone that he knows what happened to Oscar Shales. He tells Mahone that if he was the one that caught Shales, he couldn’t let a psychopath like that live. Not one that eluded him for so long. And a Fed wouldn’t dig up new sod in his backyard, unless he had something to hide, or bury. Mahone does his best to throw Michael off the trail, but Michael is dead on. Michael knows about the lye and that it’s caustic enough to decompose bodies. “I don’t know about you, but if I buried someone in my own backyard, I’d think about it all the time. I’d think maybe I should move that body. But then I’d remember that DNA leeches into soil. So even if the body was gone, proof of what I’d done would still be there,” Michael whispers. Mahone squirms in his seat. Michael offers Mahone an ultimatum. “Let me and my family disappear. And in return, I’ll keep your little secret.” Mahone tries to call Michael’s bluff. Michael finishes the call, telling Mahone, “Sometimes, things happen that are just out of control. This is one of them. Take care, Alex.” Mahone eyes the map and locks in on Gila.

T-Bag snaps to, Geary is face-to-face with him. Bellick tells T-Bag that the Hollanders left in a hurry when they heard T-Bag was on the loose. Bellick taunts T-Bag with visions of his life with the Hollanders. Bellick gets in T-Bag’s face and tells him they found him by tracing the 52 letters he sent to Susan, that were returned and marked, “RETURN TO SENDER.” The letters begged Susan to take T-Bag back, but Susan never read them. Bellick notices T-Bag’s hand, and asks for the scissors from Geary. Bellick threatens T-Bag, either tell him where the money is, or he’s going to pull out the stitches from T-Bag’s reattached hand. T-Bag mouths off to Bellick, and Bellick rips out the first stitch. T-Bag howls in pain.

Chris and Kacee wait in a parking lot for C-Note and Dede. When they arrive, Dede runs to Kacee and C-Note embraces his wife. Everything is okay, but they can’t stay there for long. Kacee looks at C-Note, “Baby, what do we do now?” C-Note looks around, a look of uncertainty washes across his face.

Lincoln and LJ keep their heads down and walk through a train station. The ticket line is long, and they try and stay out of sight. A man reads a paper nearby and suddenly gets up. Lincoln keeps an eye on him.

Mahone digs like a madman in his backyard beneath the bird bath. The shovel scrapes across something hard, and Mahone bends down to reveal the bones of a hand.

Michael drives a long a secluded road, passing a sign that says, “GILA.”

The man reading the newspaper at the train station returns, escorted by a police officer. LJ and Lincoln do their best to slowly walk away, but the officer is on to them. They make a run for it, and the officer calls for back-up. A car speeds into the street and strikes LJ, throwing him to the road. The officers race up and force Lincoln to the ground and handcuff father and son. A police walkie-talkie screeches, “Possible ID of Lincoln Burrows.” Lincoln looks to LJ and whispers, “I’m sorry…”

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