EPISODE 206 “Subdivision”

Airdate: 2006-09-25

A playing card slaps the spoke of a bicycle wheel as a pair of dirty sneakers pedal toward the drive-through window of a burger joint. Haywire – looking wildly insane in that football helmet – steers the bicycle to the drive-through window, slides it open and dives head first inside. A soda pop dispenser catches his eye, but even more delectable – the soft serve ice cream dispenser. Haywire pushes the lever, and a long stream of milky-white confection fills his mouth and his hands as The Tarantella slowly builds to a crescendo. His belly momentarily full, Haywire cools off by putting his head under the soda pop dispenser, washes away the miles he pedaled on that bike. Then it’s on to the toppings – chocolate syrup, strawberry topping -Haywire’s in sugar heaven. The door to the burger joint opens, but Haywire doesn’t care – he still lapping up all of that fatty goodness when the Day Clerk enters with his horny girlfriend. They make out, all hot and heavy, as Haywire looks on, slurping his giant soda like a guy at a steamy movie. The girlfriend nuzzles the clerks neck, catches a glimpse of Haywire and screams. Haywire’s crazy but he’s not stupid; he bolts.
Lincoln drives Geary’s cop-mobile to the housing development wherein somewhere resides their five-million-dollar prize. Linc parks the car, “Ranch is gone, Michael.” Michael doesn’t give up so easily, “The five million might not be,” he says, strained. T-Bag’s still T-Bag, “And you gonna find it, how?’ he asks, “What, you got a divining rod tattooed on your ass?” Michael’s world is falling apart, “I don’t want to hear anything out of your mouth other than what your photographic memory spits out regarding that map.” T-Bag warns him to watch his tone. Michael gets up-close and personal, says what he’ll watch is T-Bag being tossed out of the car where he can fend for himself, because if T-Bag doesn’t remember where the silo was, he’s worthless to them. Tweener calls out from the trunk for them to let him out; Lincoln tells Tweener to shut up. Michael ignores Tweener’s pleas too, turns to T-Bag forcefully, “The map.” T-Bag relents, “Alright, alright – the ranch was in the center of a box; Sheep Road on one side, Kokosing roach perpendicular. The driveway leading to the ranch went straight up the center of Kokosing Road. In the center of the property was the ranch house.” T-Bag digs into his memory, “And the ranch house was surrounded by trees.” Michael and Lincoln get out of the car; no sign of older trees, but Michael’s got it covered,” Every tree here is a year old, at least,” he says. His eyes scan the terrain – gets a bead on what he’s looking for, a patch of tall trees square ahead, “Except these.” Lincoln surveys the area, “Where was the silo?” he asks. T-Bag squints into his memory, drums his good hand into his head, coaxes it to remember, “Inside the trees,” he says, “I want to say on the left – but that may have been a barn. I’m sorry gents, I remembered as best I could but I didn’t know this place would be smothered with tract homes. So you know, I ah – ah’m sorry if I’m not Rainman over heyah.”

Mahone’s at the Federal Building in Salt Lake City where he’s greeted by a man named Lyle Sands who’s probably been living his whole life for this day. Lyle tells Mahone that they’ve been briefed on all the men at large and Mahone has all the Salt Lake City field officers at his disposal. Mahone wants to know if the files have been pulled on the D.B. Cooper case, and Lyle says they’re pulling them know, wants to clarify, “And this is the D.B. Cooper case from thirty years ago?” Mahone confirms, wants the files right away. Lyle apologies for the question, asks anyway, “Aren’t you here for the Fox River Eight?” Mahone confirms, but tells Lyle that the Fox River gang is there to get Cooper’s money, “So how about those files, Lyle?”

Linc, Michael and T-Bag do surveillance on the KK Ranch neighborhood, and the area they’ve narrowed down to where the silo used to be. T-Bag’s muttering in the back, doing his best to remember the map; Linc’s nervous, thinks the stake out is stupid, “We could get made!” T-Bag tells Linc to “Shut it,” thinks the silo was on the left on the inside of the tall trees. Michael’s got a completely different idea – points out that there are two smaller trees in the front yard of the house. All of the trees were planted at the same time, but those two didn’t get enough sunlight, so they’re smaller than the rest. What was keeping them from the sunlight? The silo. Their money should be right underneath the garage of the home they’re casing. Michael notes it’s not a high-end subdivision, they probably just poured cement over the existing foundations. All they have to do is dig down through the cement floor of the garage, if they hit a foundation, they stay. If not, they go. Linc’s tired of inaction, opens the car door, “Let’s do it.” Just then, Jeanette Owens, a blonde woman and the lady of the house, retrieves the morning newspaper from her driveway. The guys are concerned by this new obstacle; everyone except T-Bag that is, “Ain’t nothin’ that a screwdriver to her temple won’t fix,” he says. Jeanette goes back inside as T-Bag tries to reason out his ‘screwdriver to the temple’ plan, “People die all the time, boys, five million dollars comes around but once in a lifetime.” Tweener hollers to be let out of the trunk, and this time it’s Lincoln that comes up with an idea, but they’re going to need some supplies. He puts the car in gear and drives behind the subdivision and to T-Bag’s very vocal objections, they let Tweener out of the trunk. Once out, Michael gives Tweener his orders, “Go back to the Woody’s and get everything on this list,” he says, and hands Tweener some money, “And gas up the car.” Tweener wants to talk about his fair share of the money, and Michael says they’ll talk about that when Tweener proves he’s trustworthy. Tweener has no choice, he’ll meet them in the same spot in an hour.

Off Highway 36, Northern Utah, Sucre’s hauling ass on that motorcycle when he happens upon C-Note thumbing a ride. Sucre stops – C-Note begs a ride, shows Sucre a hand-drawn map, says he’s make it worth Sucre’s time.

Mahone’s on the phone with the FBI field office in Chicago as Wheeler tells him they have good news, they’ve got a tip on Haywire. He was spotted at a burger joint in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. Mahone tells them to hand it over to the local authorities; the only thing they’re working today is Utah and D.B. Cooper. Mahone hangs up, walks a piece of the Cooper file out to Lyle – the only Cooper bill ever found in circulation was from a guy named Jenkins. Lyle confirms, Cooper bought gas from Jenkins. It’s then that Mahone finds out Lyle was on the case thirty years ago – fresh out of the academy. He notes that no one has ever found the money yet – what makes the Fox River Eight think they can find it. Mahone tells him that they were locked up with Cooper, that’s why. Mahone asks if Jenkins is still alive; Lyle says he should be – he was only eighteen at the time. Mahone takes Lyle to pay a visit.

Sara unseals an unmarked envelope, pulls out a yellow origami swan with a phone number inside it. She pulls out her cell phone and dials, gets a message that the number is out of order. She walks over to her Big Book, finds the blue origami swan and compares. They’re different numbers. Sara stares at them, trying to figure out what Michael is trying to tell her.

Red leather chairs and walls of blue books line the walls of the upscale White House library where Kellerman updates a smug Mr. Kim about the letter Sara received from Scofield with the disconnected number in it. Kellerman then tells Mr. Kim that he’d expected to be briefing the President. Mr. Kim laughs, “Yeah, about that – right now, the President’s quite busy.” They argue back and forth – Kellerman says he helped put the President in office, and Mr. Kim says if Kellerman wants her to remain in office, he should take his advice and stay in the sidelines. The President needs to be isolated from anything that has to do with Lincoln Burrows. Kellerman’s not at all happy with this answer, “I want to talk to her,” he says. Mr. Kim leans in, all business, “You report to me now. Only me. You’re not to try to contact Caroline again without my approval.” Mr. Kim says if Kellerman thinks Sara Tancredi is the way to Burrows then by all means he should go down that path. And once it’s been accomplished and the whole thing goes away, they’ll transition Kellerman back into Caroline’s life. “Now,” he says, “Do you have anything else on Sara?” And that meeting is over.

In the lobby of the White House, Governor Tancredi’s shown up for a meeting with the President. On his way there, he sees Kellerman, recognizes him immediately as the man Sara introduced him to in her apartment as “Lance.” He looks a bit concerned.

At Woody’s Garden Emporium, Tweener unlocks the backroom where a squirming and gagged Woody swears at him through his mouth tape. Tweener tells Woody to chill, they’ll get what they need and then they’ll leave town, drop a dime and tell people where to find Woody. He locks Woody back up, but as Tweener’s gathering their supplies, Woody’s friend, Chet, enters calling out for Woody. Chet sees the baseball bat on the floor, figures something is amiss, and dials the sheriff’s office. They put him on hold, and Chet hears Woody grunting from the back room. He calls out Woody’s name, walks toward the closed door when BAM – Tweener pounds him full-on in the face with a shovel. Chet goes down.

Lincoln opens a the electricity box on the pole, inside is the address to the house they’ve been casing as well as all of the electrical wires connecting it to the outside world. Michael asks how Linc learned about transformer boxes, and Lincoln says he used to steal copper wire from them and sell it down on the docks to make a few bucks. T-Bag ogles Jeanette through the window as she holds different outfits up to the mirror, trying to decide what to wear. Michael warns T-Bag, “We get in, we get the money, we get out. That’s it.” T-Bag says, “Absolutely.” Lincoln cuts the power line; the sprinklers stop sprinkling, and pop back into the ground. Lincoln notes, “Now it’s just up to the kid.”

Tweener’s right on time, pulls Geary’s car up to the fence and opens the trunk to reveal shovels, work boots, and work clothes. Linc notices that Tweener’s sweating, wants to know what’s up. Tweener tells Linc about Chet and the call to the sheriff – says he beaned Chet in the head with a shovel and tied him up in the back with Woody. This is not what the rest of the guys want to hear. They want to know if the call went through before Tweener hit Chet; Tweener says he doesn’t know, but he got the gear they asked for, didn’t he? With the possibility of the cops knowing their location, Lincoln says “We have to do this now.”

Jeanette answer the door to Michael dressed as a workman, “Sorry to bother you, ma’am. But is your electricity out?”
Mahone find his way to the gas station garage where Harold Jenkins has his head buried in the hood of a car. Mahone introduces himself, and Jenkins thinks Mahone’s there because of some restraining order some woman has against him. Harold’s relieved to hear the visit is about D.B.Cooper, but he’s also amazed that people are still interested in Cooper. Mahone notes that there were discrepancies in Harold’s story. On the report Harold said that Cooper filled up his gas tank at seven in the morning, but later said that it was seven at night – which one was it? Harold says “Both, he gassed up twice. Full tanks each time.” Mahone’s wheels start to spin – where had Cooper gone that required a full tank fill up in twelve hours?

Jeanette’s trying to understand just how the power company knew that her electricity was down. Michael feeds her a story about his crew being from a systems diagnostic company and they’re there to fix an electrical problem that they may or may not have caused. Jeanette says, “So you’re not from the power company.” Michael confirms, says she’s welcome to call, but all they’ll do is send some technician over who’ll spend a whole day doing diagnostics, and then another day trying to get the electricity back on. They’re here now to fix it – it’s her choice though. Jeanette looks out the window, sees the boys waiting outside, “And that’s your crew,” she asks?

Mahone’s on the phone with the Chicago Command Center working out the theory of where Cooper went on that tank of gas. He figures that the car only got about 8 miles to the gallon with a sixteen gallon tank. Why would a guy heading to Mexico make an all day detour? The money. Mahone uses math and a map to draw a circle around the 64 mile circumference where the money might be buried. He knows the Fox River Seven are heading for one of those towns in that circle he just drew, and “if there’s so much as a cat’s that’s seen them, I want to know about it,” says Mahone.

In Jeanette’s garage, Michael tells Jeanette that the defective cable runs underneath her garage; they’ll have to tear up the floor. Jeanette wants to know who’s going to pay for the digging, the clean up and the repair. T-Bag fiddles with a screwdriver as Michael tells her that the company will cover all costs. They’ll dig a trench, and once they’re finished they’ll re-lay the cement and it’ll be as good as new. Jeanette wants to know how long it’s going to take, and Michael says, “One way or the other, we’ll be out of here today.” T-Bag steps forward, “We really need to get started ma’am. Wouldn’t want a pretty little thing like yourself sitting in the dark tonight, now would we?” Jeanette gets all flirty with T-Bag, “That depends on who I’m sitting with.” T-Bag’s all smiles, “Touché.”

Lincoln brings in a couple of bags of equipment and drops them on the floor, Jeanette tells them to get started. Michael tells her that the noise could be substantial, she should get in that tennis game. Jeanette says it’s too hot now, “Besides,” she says with a wink and a smile, “I need to stick around and keep an eye on ya’ll, make sure you don’t steal anything.” Lincoln holds the door to the house open for her; Jeanette deliberately stops, ask Linc how he is. She’s a bit smitten. Michael wants to know where Tweener is; Linc says he’s next door plugging in an extension cord just as Tweener enters the garage, “Yo, we’s gots company,” he says. “What’s up, Snowflake,” says C-Note to Michael as he enters with Sucre right behind him.

Michael tells them that their timing is impeccable as always; they’re trying to run a con and they just can’t have people walking in off the street. C-Note understands, “So you want us to leave,” he says sarcastically, “and you can just mail us the check?” Michael appeals to Sucre, they have a relationship – they’re friends and they trust each other – and he’ll cut him in on the money, but the two of them being there right now jeopardizes everything. Sucre stands his ground, he’s not going anywhere – he wants his share of the money. C-Note says it’s the same old dance, they want in and Michael says no. C-Note tells Michael if they don’t let them in, they’ll blow the whistle and Michael backs off and plays nice, why don’t they just cut to the chase? Michael walks away, defeated. Linc wants to know how they found them. C-Note says if he can do rapid deployment of satellite communications all over the world for Uncle Sam – but he doesn’t get to finish that thought, because Jeanette is back and wants to know who the two extra guys are. Michael says his supervisor sent out a couple more guys because it’s a top priority job, he wants it done quickly and efficiently. Jeanette looks around at the crew, looks like she might be suspicious, then she says, “Oh. Drinks. I forgot to ask.” Michael tells her that they’re good. She looks around again, does the flirty white-girl flip with her hair, and exits. Tweener’s uneasy, if Jeanette’s gonna be up in their grill the whole time, that’s gonna be a problem. T-Bag agrees, and since he’s only got one hand, he volunteers to keep her occupied while the others dig. Michael says T-Bag is not to touch her and T-Bag says he knows how to play nice.

Haywire, a sticky mess from his burger joint romp, sees a cop car and heads into the first house he can find. He tiptoes through, but the lady of the house hears him. “Billy is that you?” Haywire notices that the house is completely dark, and it’s daylight. Then he sees the woman, she’s blind. She asks again, “Billy is that you?” Haywire thinks a moment then, “Yep.”

Jeanette serves T-Bag a cold drink, asks him how he got out of working. T-Bag says it’s union rules, one crew member has to supervise. He’ll check on them in a bit, but right now he’s checking out Jeanette. She pours him a tall glass of lemonade, then uses a pick to crush up some more ice. She grabs a bottle of whiskey, says she likes hers with a little oomph, but since T-Bag’s on the clock, he probably can’t have any. T-Bag smiles, says he’ll take a little. T-Bag takes a sip, rolls the alcohol on his tongue, says “It’s been awhile. Whiskey always makes me feel…irascible.” Jeanette says she doesn’t know what that means, leans in and touches T-Bag’s face, “But I do like the sound of it.” T-Bag takes her hand, sniffs it, “Are you wearing Angel perfume,” he asks? She is. This seems to set off a bad memory for T-Bag, Jeanette picks up on it, “Oh reminds you of an ex?” she asks. T-Bag confirms. “Was it good memories, or bad memories,” asks Jeanette. “Both,” says T-Bag.
In the garage, the boys are catching up with each other – did Sucre get in touch with Maricruz, asks Michael? Sucre says sort of, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Tweener says he needs to get some water, they send him out to the hose on the side of the house. When everyone is out of earshot, Michael says to Sucre, “Down the road, if you need help with

anything…Europeangoldfinch.net. It’s what we can all use to communicate, post a note on the message board. Europeangoldfinch.net -” he repeats as C-Note re-enters, over-hears Michael, “That’s a bird right?” Michael turns away just as Linc jams his shovel into the ground – CLINK. Linc turns to Michael, “I’ve got something.” Michael takes a closer look, “It’s the silo’s foundation. We just need to find the edge and dig underneath it. We get the money and get on the road.” Tweener’s re-entered by now, “We need to gas up the car though.” They’re all ticked at Tweener for not doing it when he was supposed to, and Michael sends him off to do it now. Tweener wonders why he’s the one that’s got to go, and Linc persuades him with some muscle. Michael says he’s going to check in on T-Bag – sees Jeanette doing a little dance for T-Bag, and they’re both laughing.

Haywire’s all cleaned up and the blind lady is calling for him again, “Billy? I made you a sandwich, PB&J with the crust cut off, just like you like.” Haywire grabs the sandwich, scarfs it down. Haywire sees a painting of a windmill and asks the blind lady where it is. “Holland,” she says, “where I grew up. You knew that.” She tells him it’s so much better than this busy world, and grabs his hand. Just by the touch, she knows it’s not Billy, but Haywire doesn’t notice, he’s enthralled by that painting. Haywire heads for the kitchen and the blind woman picks up the phone and calls the operator, “Hello,” she whispers in the phone, “there’s an intruder in my house.” Haywire returns from the kitchen with a butcher knife.

Mahone’s gotten more information, someone stole a student’s car as she made her way back to Utah; which leads them to Woody’s Garden Emporium because the owner’s gone missing. They’re standing right outside the door. Mahone looks in the window, sees the baseball bat on the floor, blood next to it. He takes a potted plant and throws it through the door, gains entry. The backroom has a screwdriver stuck in the latch to keep it secure, Mahone hears groaning – points his gun and opens the door. Inside are Woody and Chet – bound and gagged. Mahone takes the tape off of Woody’s mouth, “They’re here,” says Woody, “those escaped convicts are here in town.”
In Wisconsin, the blind lady is laid out on her couch as the cops break in, “Ma’am?” The blind lady asks who’s there, they identify themselves as police, “What happened ma’am?” She tells them there was a strange man, she thought he was Billy, she made him a PB&J. The cops survey the room, see the butcher knife jammed into the frame of the now-missing picture of the windmill.
T-Bag’s telling Jeanette about how after he and his ex-girlfriend put the kids to bed, they’d take a bath, then he’d watch her routine – she’d comb her hair, apply lotion to her body. Jeanette’s getting all hot and bothered – it’s like they’re having phone sex, “Oh, you’re killing me,” she says, “My ex was an accountant, all buttoned up, it was wham bam thank you ma’am. Why did it end, with that lady you were talking about?” she asks. T-Bag takes a long sip of his lemonade, snaps out of his story, “We just went our separate ways.” Jeanette says that the best thing for a broken heart is to get back on the bike, “Whatever bike it is.” T-Bag’s all lusty and happy, “Amen to that.” Jeanette leans in, “Speaking of which, could you do something for me,” she asks? T-Bag says he’s certain of it. She leans in closer, whispers in T-Bag’s ear, “But you have to be very discrete.” T-Bag says they don’t come any more discrete than him. Jeanette whispers in his ear, “The big strong guy in there, the one that doesn’t speak much? Would you go in there and ask him if he’ll have a drink with me after he punches out? Please.” T-Bag’s eyes go murderous, he sees the ice pick on the table, “You just been playin’ me this whole time, haven’t you.” Jeanette’s all kittenish “Don’t be like that,” she says, “Would you just go out and ask your friend, please?” T-Bag can’t stop looking at that ice pick.

Sara’s shopping when her cell phone rings, she checks the display, it’s her Dad. She answers, “Hey Dad.” He tells her he’s trying to reach her, he’s in Washington, but he’s coming back. He found out some things that are a little disturbing, the guy that she introduced him to in her apartment, he wants her to stay away from him. “Lance,” asks Sara, “from my group?” Governor Tancredi says, “Yes. He is not who he says he is.” Sara turns, Kellerman right behind her, “what are you talking about? I gotta go,” she says, and hangs up the phone. Gives Kellerman a little shrug.

Tweener’s at the gas station in Tooele, throws some money at the clerk, “I’ll take $40 on three,” he says. The clerk stalls, and Tweener sees him look up – there on the wall is a picture of all eight escapees, and there’s a cop car coming down the street. Tweener doesn’t think twice, starts to run, but Mahone’s crew is on him. Tweener’s jumping fences, but no matter where he goes, Mahone’s right there. And Tweener’s caught, Mahone has a gun on him, “Where are they?” Tweener’s panting like a rabid dog, but Mahone’s relentless, “Where are they?”

Michael goes into the house to check on T-Bag, but no one’s there and there’s broken glass all over the floor. He races upstairs, bursts into Jeanette’s room where she’s calmly combing her hair, “What the hell are you doing up here?” she asks. Michael apologizes, he didn’t see her downstairs and thought he heard something. The toilet flushes and T-Bag exits the bathroom, “She’s got the hots for the big strong one,” he says.

Michael apologizes for barging in, says they’ll get back to work, but Jeanette has other ideas, “No, I think you’re done. And I think ya’ll need to leave now,” she says. Michael protests, they’re almost finished, but Jeanette is adamant, “No, you are finished, and I want you to leave my house now,” she says.

In the garage, Sucre, T-Bag and Lincoln hear a noise outside, they send Sucre out to check – it’s the cops. Sucre returns, delivers the bad news.

Upstairs, Jeanette sees the cop from her window, “Thank God,” she says just as T-Bag grabs her around the neck, “Don’t you say one word, Pretty, or I’ll cut out your throat.”

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