Captain America’s not-so-patriotic move

Should We Now Call Him ‘Captain England’? Based on this news, it would only seem appropriate that Steve Rogers be demoted to at least Lieutenant America. First, budget constraints forced producers to move “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” production from its titular tropical location to the tax-friendlier confines of Hawaii and London. Now, […]

Hendrix Tops Elvis

Week Ending March 14, 2010: Hendrix Tops Elvis The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Valleys Of Neptune enters The Billboard 200 at #4, putting the rock legend back in the top five nearly 40 years after he died at the tragically young age of 27. No other artist has cracked the top five this long after his […]

The 10 Worst-Sounding New TV Pilots

We love TV network pilot season because it’s filled with such potential. So many shows in their infancy, casting announcements flying around, the anticipation of something new from our favorite showrunners… But while many of the announced pilots already have us praying for full-season pick-ups, there are plenty of others that we hate based on […]

Oprah Winfrey Plans Nighttime Show

Daytime superstar Oprah Winfrey will be moving to nighttime to host a show on her new cable channel. “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” an hourlong show, will release Winfrey from the studio and her longtime talk-show format for conversations and travel around the world, the Oprah Winfrey Network announced Thursday. The show is expected to be a […]

‘Last Exorcism’ actress’s extreme scene

Newcomer Ashley Bell Bent Over Backwards to Make ‘The Last Exorcism’ Scarily Real Sometimes all it takes to turn a movie into a “must-see” is one memorable image. Lately, those memorable moments from trailers and ads have been eye-popping digital effects. Like tidal waves cresting over the Himalayas in “2012” or giant robots tumbling down […]

A week of slip-ups from public figures

Ever said something you didn’t mean to say? Ever hit “reply-all” on an email by accident? Ever do anything really, really dumb? Well, you’re in good company, especially this week. Several high-profile gaffes led to embarrassing moments for celebrities, who, frankly, should have known better. Ann Curry mix-up On “The Today Show,” Ann Curry is […]

’30 Rock’ star’s wacky old commercial

Tina Fey’s TV-Commercial Past Unearthed Before she was the one-woman writing/acting/producing powerhouse she is today, “30 Rock”‘s Tina Fey was an aspiring actress working with Chicago’s famed Second City improv troupe. That must have been around the time she starred in a cheesy commercial for Mutual Savings Bank. (According to, the commercial dates back […]

Elvis Extravaganza

LAS VEGAS – Three decades after Elvis Presley took his last bow on the Las Vegas Strip, where he once reigned as king, the magicians of Cirque du Soleil have tried to summon back the power of this supreme entertainer in a show titled, “Viva Elvis.” They have mixed a dizzying array of dance, acrobatics, […]

Johnny Depp, Alive and No. 2

In “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” Davy Jones asks Johnny Depp’s iconic character, Jack Sparrow, if he felt dead. Sparrow replies, as might Johnny Depp right now, “You have no idea.” Despite untimely rumors to the contrary, not only is Johnny Depp very much alive, he’s also just been named the runner-up in […]


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