Gregory Itzin Back on ’24’ as Disgraced US President

During its breathless, ticktock eight-season run, “24” has given viewers numerous delights, apart from Jack Bauer’s crazy knack for staying alive. The audience for this rambunctious Fox thriller fondly recalls President David Palmer, a black man in the White House who may have helped normalize that concept for white voters in 2008. Meanwhile, everyone adores […]

Sectors That Are Creating Jobs

The US Employment Situation report (better known as the jobs report) released on Friday paints a somewhat mixed picture of the labor market. The economy lost only 36,000 jobs in February, well below the consensus forecast of a 68,000 decline in jobs and continuing the trend of moderate job losses in recent months. Contrast that […]

Matthew Perry sticks up for ‘Friend’

Matthew Perry Tackles Touchy David Schwimmer Questions At ‘Mr. Sunshine’ Panel A warning to reporters who try to get Matthew Perry to talk smack about his former “Friends” co-stars: He will make fun of you. Perry was promoting his new ABC sitcom “Mr. Sunshine” at a panel at the Television Critics Association Sunday when one […]

What Will People Do for $5

What do you get when you mix unemployment, frugal consumers and Internet boredom? One possible answer —, a site that allows you to buy and sell tasks for $5. The “gigs,” all fixed at $5, range from the silly to serious. Among them: sending a nice postcard from Paris, burning a small paper effigy […]

Director reveals ‘Transformers 3’ villain

‘Transformers’ Fans to Receive a Shock The first step to fixing a mistake is admitting a wrong. For his part, Michael Bay has done that verbally. Bay admitted the second “Transformers” movie deserved some of the negative feedback it received: “I’ll take some of the criticism. It was very hard to put (the sequel) together […]

Kat Von D’s favorite celebrity tattoos

In more than a decade as a professional tattoo artist, “LA Ink’s” Kat Von D has amassed a devout following of hundreds of thousands of fans. In addition, many celebrities, athletes, and entertainers seek her services. Of all the tattoos she’s done for her celeb clientele, there’s a handful that she calls her favorites. Click […]

Rockers reject ‘Glee’ offer

Kings Of Leon Gleefully Nix ‘Glee,’ ‘Idol,’ ‘Betty’ Offers Most bands would jump at the chance to have their music heard by millions on shows like “Glee,” “American Idol,” or “Ugly Betty.” But, as it turns out, Kings Of Leon are not most bands. In fact, singer Caleb Followill told NME magazine this week that they’d nixed […]

Wanna Buy Nicolas Cage’s Money Pit?

Apparently not. At an auction held Wednesday in Los Angeles, no one was willing to throw down the minimum bid of $10.4 million. Debt-ridden movie star Nicolas Cage lost his Bel Air mansion to foreclosure on Wednesday. The courthouse auction was a flop, as no one was willing to make the minimum $10.4 million bid. […]

‘Family Ties’ cast members today

Unlike real-life families, TV families don’t have to get together for holiday dinners or backyard barbeques. But sometimes, years after their characters are a distant memory and they’ve moved on to other roles, cast members do get a chance to catch up with each other, and often in front of cameras in order to answer […]


The event of the year the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, each year is much better in this video segment presents All Aboard with the super models & angels. 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show -2nd. Segment “ALL ABOARD” Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009 Segment 2: All Aboard Music: Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire vs […]