Foods Inspired by Royal Wedding

Would you be flattered or offended if a company made teabags topped by the torso of you and your betrothed? What about mass-market ice cream cake or doughnuts inspired by your wedding? In the case of some of the royal wedding-inspired foods that follow, it’s hard to tell whether the company is just trying to make a buck or if they’re respectfully nodding at the historic affair. What do you think about these products?

Papa John’s has created a pizza to celebrate the royal wedding. It was designed by a food artist and will be available by special order for customers in the UK.

The royal wedding gets fried and stuffed. The heart shape is as cute as one of Kate’s little hats, but Dunkin’ Donuts may do the couple a disservice by including their nuptials in one of America’s most unhealthful breakfasts. Find the vanilla-frosted treats in stores beginning April 24.

Thanks to, anyone with an address can also have Will and Kate over to wade in tea.

If you’ve ever been to London’s Heathrow airport, you would think Walkers shortbread was the only thing British people ate. Of course this buttery treat from Scotland now comes in a commemorative royal wedding container.

The least likely food to get the royal wedding treatment: Cat food. The Cat Food Factory has produced an organic cat food with a pink can that features a Kate cat and a Will cat in tiara and top hat.
Halewood, a Liverpool-based drink manufacturor and distributor, has come out with a Prince William Champagne, a label it says it has owned the rights to for more than 20 years. A bottle with this limited edition commemorative label retails for 25 pounds.

For Americans who feel left out of the festivities, we can buy the royal wedding-inspired ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins. It’s chocolate mousse ice cream decorated with 30 white and blue English roses.

The Biscuiteers, a company that sends out cookie gift boxes with themes like ‘safari,’ ‘Paris,’ and ‘lingerie,’ now has a royal wedding collection that includes cookies shaped and iced like Kate’s engagement ring, a wedding cake, and Westminster Abbey.

‘Kiss Me Kate’ beer: Castle Rock Brewery, located in Nottingham, has collaborated with an engaged couple in the same town to make this new ‘real ale’ with an adorable label. The groom to-be described the taste as “magic.”

Royal wedding cake topper: If you’re planning to throw a royal wedding party of your own, you might need a big round edible cake topper of Will and Kate’s engagement photo. Cupcake and rectangular sizes available, as well.



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