Now all you sinners this is the prophecythe revelation of your own destinyyou had a dream onceA dream that you have soldand now my brotherannihilation is foretold Will you remember ancient timeswhen we rode across the airwhen the day of judgement comes and when your world is gonna blowthrough your heart and take your soulin […]

Can't Stop Thinkin' About You

Oooooh oooh ohhh oooh ooooh ohh ohhOhhh ohhh oooh ohhh… You’re in my mindAll the timeMy thoughtsAre always of youThere are so many thingsThat we promised each otherThat we would do But since you went awayMy heart has been in so much painIt seems that everything we’ve been throughHas been in vain And I can’t […]


Bow! Bow! It’s Shawn D Bow! None better than meBow! Your majestyBow! Before he People say I’m chasing a dreamTell me how the f-k do you see what I seeI remember be told that I would never succeedIt funny how things change, know you want to be meJust because I’m young, it doesn’t meanThat I’m […]


Deep insideMy soul fights a warI can’t explainI can’t cross over any moreAll I see are dirty facesRain and wireAnd common sense in piecesBut I try to see through Irish eyes, Belfast. Look outsideSummer’s lost and goneIt’s a long walkOn a street of right and wrongIn every inch of sadnessRock and tanksGo hand in hand […]

Blow Job

It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would be nice to have a blow job,It would eb nice to have a […]


The fragile keep secretsGathered in pocketsAnd they will sell them for nothingA cheap watch or locketThat kind of gold washes offAnd the sad act like lepersThey stick to the shadowsThey long to ring bells of warningTo tell of their comingSo that the pure can shut their doorsThe angry are animals Senseless and savageThey act without […]

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!

For the benefit of Mr. KiteThere will be a show tonightOn trampoline. The Hendersons will all be there.Later Pablo Fanques Fair;What a scene. Over men and horses, hoops and garders,Lastly, through a hog’s head of real fire;In this way Mr. K will challenge the world. The celebrated Mr. KPerforms his feat on SaturdayAt Bishop’s Gate. […]

Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did?

Oh, it really wasn’t my intentionTo disregard conventionIt was just an impulseThat had to be obeyed. Though it seems convention we’ve been scorningI’ll still not go in mourningThough my reputationIs blemished, I’m afraid. With just one kissWhat heaven, what rapture, what bliss Honestly, I thought you wouldn’t.Naturally, you thought you couldn’t.And probably we shouldn’t.But aren’t […]


You’ve been out on the tiles,Winning the smiles of men of low persuasion,But I know you drink yourself crawling in the street until dawn,Girl you look like a bad dream,You’ve been places I’ve never been. Come home, come home Angeline.Come home, come home Angeline.You’ve been places I’ve never been. You took the small change from […]

Birth Of The Wicked

Daylight breaks hard on sacred groundFor centuries we’ve questioned them of His birthBut in this hour, on this day, The Elder knewYears of madness must now subdueOrder must be enforced to hide the truthCause on this day, in this hour it’s coming true Child of the wicked and ancient manBaptized in black magic, their master […]