Billy Get Your Guns

I just seen troubleHe’s calling out your name toniteBilly get your gunsYou could walk awayBut I know you were born to fightSo Billy get your gunsThe bandileros are strung outIn the promenadeBilly get your gunsChorusBilly get your gunsThere’s trouble blowing like a hurricaneBilly get your gunsThat’s the price on your head for thePrice of fameAnd […]

Can't Seem To Make You Mine

I can’t seem to make you mine,Kissin’ all around all the time,Flyin’ around like a bee,Hurtin’ everything you see. Tried everything I know, oh…To make you want to love me so, oh…The only thing you do, oh…Is try to put the hurt on me, oh… Can’t you see what you’re doin’ to me?You fill my […]

By My Side

Tonight I saw the glimpse of yourSmile fade my ownReflection all your lookSo beautifully A tear went down my faceAnd all my memories eraseOh why do you have to leave my side Oh why do all the rivers flowinto the oceanAnd why does all the love in the worldcomes from the heartAnd why does all […]

Begging Bone

You’re just like a dog with your begging boneYou’re always chasing psychos down those rabbit holesYou like them the best cause they are dangerousAnd they get off on you in your subservience What can I do to make a monkey out of you?I can’t keep you wild and loose, can’t lock you in your room.I […]

Bang A Drum

I went to see the preacherTo teach me how to prayHe looked at me and smiledThen the preacher turned awayHe said if you want to tell him somethingYou ain’t gotta fold your handsSay it with your heartYour soul and believe itAnd I’d say amenBang a drum for the sinnersBang a drum for the sinsBang a […]

Angel Eyes

Try to think that love´s not aroundBut it´s uncomfortably nearMy old heart ain´t gaining no groundBecause my angel eyes ain´t here Angel eyes, that old Devil sentThey glow unbearably brightNeed I say that my love´s mispentMispent with angel eyes tonight So drink up all you peopleOrder anything you seeHave fun you happy peopleThe laughs and […]

Are You Gonna Be There

If I was downWould your arms lift me up to higher groundWith just the strength of your loveWhen I was lostWould I find something in your eyes to lead me home And if it all went wrongWould you be there to holdIt’s easy to be there through the good timesBut when the times get hardWould […]

Angel Child (Demo)

Won’t you take meWon’t you take me to the edge of night and make meWon’t you make me walk into the lightAnd there’ll be no eyesNo eyes that see such beauty would lose their sightAnd there’ll be no liesNo lies that you could tell me to make things right Cos I gave all my money […]

Are You Feelin' Me

I know in my heartI know in my mindWe were meant to beAre you feelin’ me yo?I’m the girl in your lifeI’m the one you call wifeAnd I need to knowAre you feelin’ me yo? Is there anyone elseThat can do it the best?Give you things you needWell it must be me I got very […]

Blood On The Dancefloor

She got your numberShe know your gameShe put you underIt’s so insane Since you seduced herHow does it feelTo know that womanIs out to kill Every night stance is like takin’ a chanceIt’s not about love and romanceAnd now you’re gonna get it Every hot man is out takin’ a chanceIt’s not about love and […]