I’ve been told when a boy kiss a girlTake a trip around the worldHey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, HeyYes they say you do My girl says when I kiss her lipsGet the thrill thru fingertipsHey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, HeyYeah she said you do Well I talk about boysDon’t you know I mean boysWell I […]


Walking over the same old grassTrying to stay on the beaten pathI don’t need to apologizeFor the things I don’t recognize Artie, take a look at memay not wanna think about all the little thingsThat piss you off about me Hey there manI didn’t trash your canBut I’ll apologize for all the little thingsThat piss […]

Angels Would Fall

The rope that’s wrapped around meIs cutting through my skinAnd the doubts that have surrounded meAre finding their way inI keep it close to meLike a holy man praysIn my desperate hourIt’s better that way So I’ll come by and see you againI’ll be such a very good friendHave mercy on my soulI will never […]


En un mundo quefunciona tan malun mundo de lobos donde todo da igualamigo, ojalá estuvieras aquícon todos nosotros.Y tal vez así pudieras verlos ríos de espumala grasa en el marlos árboles muertospor esa lluvia asesinacon mucho veneno.Ya verás,aquí abajo todo ha cambiadoya no haymuchas cosas que tu has amadoven y lo verás.Si tu pudieses ver […]

Boy! What Love Has Done To Me!

I fetch his slippers, fill up the pipe he smokesI cook the kippers, laugh at his oldest jokesYet here I anchor, I might have had a bankerBoy! what love has done to me His nature’s funny, quarrelsome half the timeAnd as for money, he hasn’t got a dimeAnd here’s the joker, I might have had […]


When you talk about tomorrowI’m not sure about todayWhen you tell me that you love meWhat am I supposed to say? Sometimes I don’t feelThe same way as you feel Words like foreverThey scare the shit out of meMaybe I’m afraid of commitmentMaybe you’re too distracted to see that Sometimes I don’t feelThe same way […]

Baby You're So Fine

When I see you, uh huh, my heart fills with flamesWhen I met you, uh huh, my body went lameNow that I know you, uh huh, I just wanna screamAnd baby don’t you know, you’ve got a special qualitya special qualityBaby you’re so fineOh I’m so glad you’re mineBaby you’re so fine, ohBaby you’re so […]

Arrabal Amargo

Arrabal amargo metido en mi vidacomo la condena de una maldición,tus sombras torturan mis horas de sueño,tu noche se encierra en mi corazón. Con ella a mi lado no vi tus tristezas,tu barro y miserias, ella era mi luzy ahora vencido arrastro mi alma,clavado a tus calles igual que a una cruz. Rinconcito arrabaleroCon el […]