Baby Got Jack

I like small butts and I cannot lie,
You honkies can’t deny,
When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
and a big thing in your face I get
Sick, cuz I like a toothpick
I’ll beat that bootie with a stick
Even the jeans she’s wearing, her pants are almost tearing
No, baby I want a flat bootie,
That’s tootie fruitie, while honkies tried to warn me
that butt you’ve got is, oh, so corny
ooh Chicken smooth skin you say you wanna get my olds,
well peck me, peck me, cuz you ain’t that average chickadee.
Hell with romancin’, I’ll take her wallet dancin’
Rich. Bitch. I’ll dig for her money ditch
So tired of ebony, black butts are not my theme
if you ask me what my flavour is I’ll tell you vanilla ice cream
So honkies (yeah) honkies(yeah)
does your girlfriend have a derriere? (yeah)
Well shrink it, shrink it, so I can get right down and dink it,

Baby got Jack (wh-white honkies with the real small
boot- wh-white honkies with the real small bootie)
Baby got Jack (wh-white honkies with the real small
boot- wh-white honkies with the real small bootie)

I like ’em flat and small, and when I’m in the mall,
I just can’t help myself
I’m doing the dogpund call (woo woo woo woo)
Don’t like a sister, who farts while playing Twister.
I wish those beans did miss her,
even Uncle Ben would fist her
I like my booties real slender and tender,
And if I see a big bootie, I’ll put it in the blender
Don’t want a rear fender.
I get into my Honda
What the hell is an anaconda?
All I know is that I like Jayne Fonda’s, better than Yolanda’s.


Yeah, baby, when it comes to females,
Comso knows everything what they’re talking about
36, 24, 36… haa haa, only if she’s 7’8"

Flat on the bottom, and I like it like that,
Flat on the bottom, and I like it like that.

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