Stoned is the Way of the Walk

(Chorus)Stoned is the way of the Walk,Stoned is the way of the Walk, Verse 1 ( B-real)Well, it’s the Alley Cat puffin’ on a hootie rat,Some think I’m a criminal,But, yo I ain’t all of that,Hit’cha with the baseball bat,An’ ya wanna ill though,Wanna mess around ,You get fucked on the hill bro,Kick it like […]

Latin Lingo (Prince Paul Mix)

("Bad, let’s start the fuckin show, ah?") Latin LingoHouse Of Pain (Sen Dog) Freak to the funk that no-one else is bringing Sen Dog with the funky bilenge Yeah that’s the nombre, heard the homey Peace to Mellow and Frost, and the deporte Sen Dog is not kid from the Telano I’m down, another fried […]

Latin Lingo

("Bad, let’s start the fuckin show, ah?") [Sen Dog] Freak to the funk that no-one else is bringingSen Dog with the funky bilengeYeah that’s the nombre, heard the homeyPeace to Mellow and Frost, and the deporteSen Dog is not kid from the TelanoI’m down, another fried hispanoOne of the many of the latin deseyano [de-say-ahnyo]And […]

Riot Starter

[TV Reporter 1]"We understand all of the officers in the Central Division have been ordered to wear their helmets and basically to get into riot gear" [TV Reporter 2]"OK, we have uh trouble breaking out here right now Tensions are building Uh, the police have just wrestled a couple of people to the ground" ("…Police […]

High Times

Now this some baaad weeed… B’Real:The very first time I hit the weed I was youngCoughin up a lung, high strung, back in ’81Goin to school, hittin the buddah behind the bleachersComin to class high, sellin the lye to the teachersNickel bag, nickel bag, dime to a nickelSellin joints to the honeys suck it like […]

Red Light Visions

[Sen Dog]"(Inhales) Break that shit off nigga" [B-Real]Look at all the M.C.’s trying to get downBut all you get is a peeled back, dome capI’m not the one to be having that shitAll these punk niggas better bow down and submitNiggas don’t know how to "keep it real"Only if you niggas know the real dealFuck […]

Dr. Greenthumb

[a short skit opens the beginning of the song]Hello, I’m Dr. GreenthumbHave you ever had the problem of running out of weedand just can’t find some anywhere?Well try my Dr. Greenthumb grow tipsI’ll show you how to grow inside and outFrom seed to clone, and the best homegrownAnd if you’re afraid of those pesky pork […]

Insane in the Brain

Who you tryin to get crazy with ese? Don’t you know I’m loco? [B-Real]To da one on da flamboyant tipI’ll just toss that ham in the fryin panlike spam, get done when I come and slamDamn, I feel like the Son of SamDon’t make me wreck shit, hecticNext get the chair got me goin like […]