Hole in the Head

[Sen Dog] Gangster Red, whassup yo?[Gst Red] It’s a Tribe thang Verse One: B-Real Madman gonna get cha, quick with the cuenteSee a gang, no there ain’t no jugeteRollin like a pyscho with the windows rolled downWho you lookin at, you tryin to fade me clown?Plato, si mon, you want staticWhen you reach for your […]

Born to Get Busy

[Cypress] Born to get busy, born to get busy baby — 2X [Sen Dog]I’m the the stiff and I do get nice-rUp the pussy when we in the same party, whatWe can do this bro, we can’t be maxinThe figures is useless, unless we’re taxinThis is a perfection and my tribe’s the cash dumpKnown as […]

Light Another

[B-Real]Yo light one, ignite one, draw me like the buddhaYou say I’m the joint, but you can call me hoodaComputer, wizard, the butcher of scissorsCut me up and spark and roll me up, like a blizzardDwellin your cells up, lungs start to swell upYour pipe’s gettin crowded, yo just forget about itMe, is potent, so […]

Illusions (Q-Tip Remix)

Some people tell me that I need help Some people can fuck off and go to hell God dam why they criticize me Now shit is on the rise and my family despise me Fuck em and feed em cuz I don’t need em I won’t join em if I can beat em They don’t […]


Some people tell me that I need helpSome people can fuck off and go to hellGod damn, why they criticize meNow shit is on the rise so my family despise meFuck em! And feed em cause I don’t need emI won’t join em if I can beat emThey don’t understand my logicTo my gat to […]

I Remember That Freak Bitch

Aiy-yo! [B-Real]I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubsThe Victoria’s Secret, she give loveNo matter which way you keep itYou’ll get shoved out the picture, now peep it(You get the gloves bitch!) I used to know this girl that slanged the green shitHad it all goin on, but it didn’t mean shitShe wanted to […]


You don’t want to turn your back on meWhen you least expect itI come with a wicked methodI’m creepin on yaNow you find your homeboy’sBleeding on yaIt’s the the locote coming out the boteI got a new jale jacking in the nocheGive me your ferjaIn your pocket or they’ll carry yaOff and burry ya in […]


This pig harassed the whole neighborhood,Well this pig worked at the station.This pig he killed my Homeboy,So the fuckin’ pig went on a vacation. This pig he is the chief,Got a brother pig, Captain O’Malley.He’s got a son that’a a pig too,He’s collectin’ pay-offs from a dark alley. This pig is known as a Narco,If […]