I wanna get high

I want to get high – so high!I want to get high – so high!I want to get high – so high!I want to get high – so high! Well that’s the funk elastic, the blunt I twist itThe slamafied, (buddafied) funk on your discusOh, what you messed with, you got to bare witnessCatch a […]

Spark Another Owl

Once again the powers of the herb open up the mind,Seek deep inside, tell me what you find,Come on… [B-Real]:Who be the ones steppin’ in the room,Everybody welcome to the temple of boom,Back, let me see ya fat indo sack,And get weeded, somebody, everybody need it,Mari-Juana, Mari-Juana, do ya wanna,Give me love when I put […]

I Ain't Goin' Out Like That

Let’s kick it ese [B-Real]COMMIN’ OUT DA SLUMS!!! It’s da hoodlumsI’m pullin’ my gat out on all you bumsSo bring it on when you wanna come fight thisOutlaw, I’ll kick ya like Billy Ray Cypress HillChill, I’ll bust that grillGrab my gat, and load up the steelAnd if you wanna get drasticI’ll pull out my […]

Real Estate

[B-Real]You’ll waste time to hurt her, sorta like murderA duck with the public’s favorite rhyme orderI ain’t no waiter or hater of a spectator (kill em B-Real)Seekin to find the toys, with no flavorSee I’m talkin about those whose vocals ain’t comin offA skill to kill at will, but awfully dumb of coursesome go nut, […]

A to the K

* first appeared on the "White Men Can’t Rap" soundtrack [B-Real]A to the motherfuckin K homeboyA to the motherfuckin K (to the what?)A to the motherfuckin K homeboyA to the motherfuckin K One, life had begun for the ruffneckkid who was gonna put niggaz in checkEIGHTEEN, G, for the greenOBSCENE, and it’s for the time […]

Cock the Hammer

On a chicken-hunt, huntin’ for a chickenGet paranoid when you hear my Glock clickin’Speakin’ to the punk that’s tweakin’With the bitch-ass styles I hit you like Deacon Jones house, cough without the bonesI rolled ya up and smoked you like conesSplit the seed and grow you like clonesDon’t start-me-up, cause I’m not the Rolling StonesBut […]

Looking Through the Eye of a Pig

[B-Real]I wake up every morning, kiss my wife goodbyeHug my kids, tell em I love em, my mouth, hit the friedI’m out on patrol, in my squad car, do I layWhere you never know, if you’ll be makin it home todaySo many different attitudes, that I come acrossI’m hard to console tonight, feeling nobody’s lostHookers […]


[B-Real]I increase my throttle, uplift my shuttleTribe in a huddle, pilot on auto – broI’m not a role model, more like a psychoA Bates type of +Psycho+, cut you like Michael+Halloween+ character, or computer wizardHit you with the blizzard, cut your circuit with my scissorsShorts’ll get crossed while you’re in the crossfireYou get blasted, you […]