Dream Of Me

Let me sleepFor when I sleep I dream that you are hereYour mineAnd all my fears are left behind I float on airThe nightingale singsGentle lullabiesSo let me close my eyes And sleep a chance to dreamSo I can see the face I long to touchTo kissBut only dreams can bring me this So let […]

Lay Down Beside Me

somethin’ about the way you movedcaught my eyereally didn’t have to try it yeahi can’t deny itthe way your body swingedas i watched from behindgo me so excited yesi couldn’t fight it baby yeah baby let me be the one to hold you babygive you the things i know you missedmy ladyi know that we […]

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

EverybodyRock your bodyEverybodyRock your body rightBackstreet’s back alright Oh my God we’re back againBrothers, sisters, everybody singWe’re gonna bring you the flavor show you howI’ve got a gotta question for yaBetter answer now Am I original?(Yeah)Am I the only one?(Yeah)Am I sexual?(Yeah)Am I everything you need?You better rock your body now Now throw your hands […]

If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad

If you want it to be good girl get yourself a bad boy (yeah I like this)If you want it to be wildGotta notice sonner now, Baby (that’s me) If you really like it hot, has someone who hit’s the spot, honey (oh yes)And if you wanna get it doneThen you got to get the […]

Tell Me That I'm Dreaming

Shooby-do-do-do-doo-doo I’m dreamingShooby-do-do-do-doo-doo I’m dreaming You had me thinkin’ right from the startThat our feelings would never keep us apartYou had me thinkin’ that I was the oneBut I never knew it was only for fun ChorusTell me that I’m dreamingSay you’re never leavingDon’t you wanna be with me(Don’t you wanna be with)Tell me that […]

Not For Me

I was looking for somethingOn the crime scene where you’re in too deepI found a note with this numberIt’s just another clue(it leads to you)I got a little suspicious, I got a feelingThat you ain’t true to meI should have known better than to buy your lies You can fool anyone but I got eyes […]

If You Stay

Ooh la da da da da da da (repeat) To be happpyYou are all I needTo make me happy‘Cause every time you’re nearAll the tears in side are raindropsAll the sadness in my lifetimeGooes awayJust believe in meAll I need I someoneWho believes in meYou’re the good luck charmYou’re the reason for the rainbowsGod knows […]

As Long As You Love Me

Although loneliness has always been a friend of mineI’m leaving my life in your handsPeople say I’m crazy and that I am blindRisking it all in a glanceHow you got me blind is still a mysteryI can’t get you out of my headDon’t care what is written in you historyAs long as you’re here with […]