More Than That

I can see that you’ve been crying You can’t hide it with a lie What’s the use in you denying That what you have is wrong I heard him promise you forever But forevers come and gone Baby he would say whatever It takes to keep you blind To the truth between the lines Oh […]

My Heart Stays With You

Girl I miss youAnd it’s only been a daySince I ran awayAnd overly I sayI long to kiss youAnd hold you in my armsThe nights are much too longWhen you’re gone Baby that’s whyWherever I goGirl my heart stays with youAfter every showI wanna rush over to you How one of usI hold to youMy […]

I'll Never Find Someone Like You

I’ll never find…I’ll never find someone like you Girl, you take my breathe awayAnd when I want someone new, I’d rather be here with youBaby, forever…My heart belongs to you, cause I think about you all the timeI know my love is true when we’re togetherI played around girl, and I made you cryWhen I […]

I'll Never Break Your Heart

Baby I know your hurtingRight now you feel like you could never love againNow all I ask is for a chanceTo prove that I love you From the first dayThat I saw your smiling faceHoney, I knew that we would be together foreverOoh when I asked you outYou said no but I found outDarling that […]

I Need You Tonight

Open up your heart to meAnd say what’s on your mind, oh yesI know that we have been through so much painBut I still need you in my life this time, and… CHORUSI need you tonightI need you right nowI know deep within my heartIt doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or rightI really need you […]

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Even in my heart I seeYou’re not bein’ true to meDeep within my soul I feelNothing’s like it used to be Sometimes I wish I could turn back timeI’mpossible as it may seemBut I wish I could so bad babyQuit playin’ games with my heart Chorus:Quit playin’ games with my heartBefore you tear us apartI […]

No Goodbyes

I´m yours, completelyI feel, so deeplyyou´re my first thought everydayand i want it that way My life, is for youand I, adore youI love you more everydayand I want it that way Chorus:No goodbyesain´t nothing but a heartacheNo more liesain´t nothing but a mistakethat is whyI love it when i hear you sayI want it […]

It's True

Even a lover makes a mistake sometimesLike any otherFall out and lose his mindAnd I’m sorry for the things I didFor your teardrops over words I saidCan you forgive me and openyour heart once again, oh yeah It’s trueI mean itFrom the bottom of my heartYeah, it’s trueWithout you I would fall apart Whatever happenedI […]