Missing You

CHORUS:Oh baby I’m missing youWe used to love so strongTell me where did we go wrongOh baby I’m missing youThey say I’ll learn to forgetBut It sure ain’t happen yet Been checking up the places where we used to goBeen looking for your faces out of the crowdI’ve been talking to the people that we […]

Catholic School Girls Rule

Catholic school girls rule… In the class she’s taking notesJust how deep is my throatMother Mary don’t you knowShe’s got eyes like Marylin Monroe Catholic school girls rule… From the cross she’s raised her headThis is what the sister saidGive no love until you’re wedLive no life until you’re dead The good books says we […]

Larger Than Life

I may run and hideWhen you’re screamin’ my name, alrightBut let me tell you nowThere are prices to fame, alrightAll of our time spent in flashes of light Chorus:All you people can’t you see, can’t you seeHow your love’s affecting our realityEvery time we’re downYou can make it rightAnd that makes you larger than life […]

Hey Mr. Dj (Keep Playing That Song)

Aah, BackstreetYes yes y’allOne time, here we go (yes yes y’all)Ooh, ooh (2X)Yes yes y’all I could tell when I stepped in the roomAnd I saw you standing thereAnd about by the way that you movedI couldn’t help the way I staredThere were some mysterious folksThey led me here to youLead me (lead me) to […]

Nobody But You

Ain’t nobody else but you (2x) Ain’t nobody else but you There is nobodyWho can make me cryNobody else can do itNobody but you (2x)(Ain’t nobody else but you)There is nobody who can make me lieNobody else can do itNobody but you (2x)(Ain’t nobody else but you)Nobody, nobody but you Chorus:Give me one more chance […]

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Show me the meaning of being lonelySo many words for the broken heartIt’s hard to see in a crimson loveSo hard to breatheWalk with me, and maybeNights of light so soon becomeWild and free I could feel the sunYour every wish will be done They tell me… Chorus:Show me the meaning of being lonelyIs this […]

Get Down (You're The One For Me)!

You’re the one for meYou’re my ecstasyYou’re the one I need ChorusGet downGet downAnd move it all around(2x) Hey baby love I need a girl like youBut tell me if you feel it tooI’m in delusion every minute every hourMy heart is crying out for you BridgeI feel in heaven when I look in your […]

I Wanna Be With You

I wanna be with youIt’s crazy but it’s trueAnd everything I doI wanna be with you I’d like to know your policyWhen it comes to meI’d like to know what’s in your mindIt’s not easy to seeI know now what I feelAnd what to doI wanna be with you And I’ll be waitingUntil you face […]