Mafia Wars Job Tier Mastery

After mastering all the Jobs in a specific tier 3 times, you will master the tier, get a title and a reward item. Here are these reward items:

New York:

New York is the first playable city, it covers level 1-100, but is still playable for higher levels.

This city has 9 Job tiers and 73 Jobs.

The Currency is $ (US Dollar) .

There are 14 types of properties.

You can collect 15 different Collections

Total required consumables:

Untraceable Cell Phone = 333
Blackmail Photos = 403
Illegal Transaction Records = 414
Computer Set-Ups = 263

Icon Name Job Tier Bonus
Pistol Bayonet Street Thug 4% more damage dealt in fights.
Bugatti Associate 7% less damage received in fights.
Golden Skull Soldier 30 seconds less on the health regain timer.
Money Plate Enforcer Properties are 5% cheaper.
Chainsaw Bayonet Hitman 30 seconds less on the stamina timer.
State Senator Capo Property repairs are 5% less.
Helicopter Consigliere 30 seconds less on the energy regain timer.
Private Island Underboss 5% more experience points from jobs.
Golden Throne Boss 2x energy regenerated.


Cuba is the second playable location. It covers level 35-150, but is still playable for higher levels.

This location has 6 Job tiers and 50 jobs.

The Currency is C$ (Cuban Pesos).

In this location there are no properties, but you can take over 6 upgradable businesses.

You can collect 5 different Collections.

Loot Name Job Tier Bonus
El Rey Roadster El Soldado 40 Attack 30 Defense
Guerrilla Commando El Capitan 38 Attack 35 Defense
Avispa Machine Gun El Jefe 54 Attack 24 Defense
Che’s Beret El Patron 46 Attack 34 Defense
Cocodrilo APC El Padrino 42 Attack 56 Defense
Cazador Assault Rifle El Cacique 60 Attack 25 Defense


Moscow is the newest city of Mafia Wars, it covers level 70+.


Privet and welcome to Moskva! From this old and storied city, two rival groups – the Vory v Zakone and the Russian Mafiya – pull the strings of illegal enterprise across the globe. However, your arrival in the city has upset the balance of power. Will you side with the Vory, the princes of thieves and the Old Guard of the Russian underworld? Or maybe you’d prefer the company of the brutally ruthless and efficient Mafiya? The decisions you make will have consequences, so choose carefully. Udachi!

Loot Name Job Tier Bonus
Barsuk SUV Baklany 36 Attack 52 Defense
Boss Karpov’s Pistol Boets 50 Attack 38 Defense
Ex-KGB Bodyguard Brigadir 48 Attack 30 Defense
Cossack Armored Vest Avtoritet 18 Attack 48 Defense
ZPR Pulemut Vor 28 Attack 65 Defense
The Drakon Pakhan 54 Attack 22 Defense

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