Mafia Wars Job Tier Mastery

After mastering all the Jobs in a specific tier 3 times, you will master the tier, get a title and a reward item. Here are these reward items: New York: New York is the first playable city, it covers level 1-100, but is still playable for higher levels. This city has 9 Job tiers and […]

The Most Successful Mafia Wars Tips:

The Most Successful Mafia Wars Tips: On our site you will find all you need to expand your mafia empire and dominate the clan wars on Facebook! We recommend that you start by checking our Mafia Wars Strategy Guide. If you are just Getting Started with the game, check out the first part titled Getting […]

The Basics Of Mafia Wars

The Basics Of Mafia Wars Once you are finished with the little introduction sequence to the game, outlined thoroughly in Getting Started, it is not immediately apparent what you should do next. Overall, the game encompasses a number of different objectives and where to start is really up to you. • Grow your Mafia family […]

Big decline in gaming on Facebook

Social gaming had been one of the biggest growth areas in video games, but the category has recently fallen on hard times. Numerous top Facebook games have taken a steep dive in popularity over the last few months. It’s not just the everyday ebb and flow of users between games, either. According to numbers from […]

Rolling A Bankroll

Rolling A Bankroll: Financial problems are fairly common in the low levels, though if handled early can stay completely solved for the remainder of your mob career. Whether you just don’t have enough money to make the next purchase to unlock a job, can’t afford to completely outfit your family, or you actually lose money […]

Using Skill Points

Using Skill Points in Mafia Wars # When you first start your journey into a wild life of crime you have the following skills: # 1 Attack # 1 Defense # 100 Health # 10 Energy # 3 Stamina Every time you gain a level, you get 5 more skill points to spend. The introductory […]

Getting Started In Mafia Wars

Getting Started In Mafia Wars Welcome to the gang ridden world of Mafia Wars. If you are already playing the game and just looking for specific tips, browse the list of articles in the guide on the left to find the information you are looking for. For the rest of you, you probably have gotten […]

Dominate Mafia Wars

This is the original best-selling mafia guide that has been in publication for nearly a year with THOUSANDS of copies in the hands of mafia members just like you. In this exclusive guide I lay out all the Godfather secrets I’ve discovered in my nearly 2 years playing the game. I hold absolutely nothing back! […]