The Most Successful Mafia Wars Tips:

The Most Successful Mafia Wars Tips:

On our site you will find all you need to expand your mafia empire and dominate the clan wars on Facebook! We recommend that you start by checking our Mafia Wars Strategy Guide.

If you are just Getting Started with the game, check out the first part titled Getting Started. It will tell you how the game works, what are the main elements, how to choose your character type and the like.

Next you should read The Basics. There you will find information about growing your mafia family and advancing the very first levels. We talk about managing energy and stamina efficiently there, as well as about picking up fights and being a slum lord. Finally, you will also discover why you should always use the Godfather.

On the Rolling a Bankroll part you will find solid advice to help explain the source of financial problems and gives detailed money making ideas. It covers how to earn money from jobs and fighting. Since there are no personal loans, the best financial advice is how to leverage the hitlist, regardless of your level, to cash in on the money necessary to start a solid income engine rolling. Finally, there are details on how exactly banking works and when it is good to launder your money and when it is better to not bother.

The fourth part of The Strategy Guide is Using Skill Points. There we talk about the individual skills, which are Attack, Defense, Health, Energy and Stamina. We also talk about how you can generate more skill points, and how you can use the “Energy Speed Levelling” strategy. Finally, we also have a part coveringThe Achievements that you can earn in the game. These are nothing more that bonuses that you earn by completing special tasks, like defeating a player with a bigger mafia or earning fifteen fights in a row.

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