Using Skill Points

Using Skill Points in Mafia Wars

# When you first start your journey into a wild life of crime you have the following skills:

# 1 Attack
# 1 Defense
# 100 Health
# 10 Energy
# 3 Stamina

Every time you gain a level, you get 5 more skill points to spend. The introductory sequence to the game causes you to jump to level 2 and you will immediately find yourself with some skill points to assign to these skills. Google search queries indicate that a fair number of people are searching for some answers over how to use these skill points and what exactly they mean in the context of developing your mafia.
Generating mad skillz… points
We have talked about the fact you get 5 skill points every time you gain a level, but there are two other ways to generate skill points as well.
Every time you complete a new mastery level of one of the jobs, you are awarded a new skill point. You can also go to the Godfather) to purchase 4 skill points for reward points. This is probably one of the best uses of reward points. When looking to maximize your gain of the skill points from job mastery, there are two things to consider: Different jobs complete at different rates and cost different amounts of energy. So “Ransom a Business Man’s Kid” costs 54 energy to do, but will provide 10% job mastery per attempt. “Steal an Arms Shipment” costs 40 energy to perform, but it only advances 6% job mastery per attempt. All and all, this means it is 540 energy to unlock a skill point with the first job, and even though the second job takes 14 energy less per attempt, it is 680 total energy to master and get a new skill point.

Look for detailed charts in Doin’ the Job for a breakdown of exactly how much energy each job takes to master. Since you need to master all the jobs in a given category at a level to unlock the next mastery level, it won’t matter too much what order you do them in. A good rule of thumb is just to work from the lowest level jobs up to the highest and do the jobs that take the most energy per attempt first.

The Energy speed leveling strategy

If you have ever min/max-ed a character in a different RPG game, this strategy will come as no big surprise to you. The general idea behind the phrase “min/max” is that there is a benefit to be gained by focusing solely on one or two given stats that comprise your character and ignoring all the others with the goal of the benefit from the maximized attributes outweighs the detriment of the minimized ones.
Spending the Skill Points
For Mafia Wars, this means spending every skill point in just Energy, maximizing the rate you get new skill points, and speed the recovery of your energy. Since you can get an Energy Pack every 24 hours from your mafia, regardless of your regeneration rate, you will be able to spend 125% of your energy each day, plus however much you naturally got back. Also, every time you level, your energy is reset to your max amount. The basic idea is to try to keep your energy pool so high that by the time you have spent all your energy, you level and it all comes back to spend again.
Character Type influence
There are a couple of other interesting facts to keep in mind when maximizing this strategy. If you are a Maniac character type, your Energy will come back at 1 every 3 minutes instead of 5. This means that outside of your full refills, you will have 480 energy coming back a day to spend instead of the 288 someone with a different character type will have. Also, you can use the Godfather to get a full refill which can be worth it if your leveling has stalled out.
Leveraging XP spill-over
To maximize the efficiency with which you are completing jobs it is worth noting it is almost always beneficial to complete the job mastery levels since this will get you more skill points. There was a brief period where “Exterminate a Rival Family” provided more than 2 XP per energy with Top Mafia bonuses and it was more worthwhile to just do that job over and over again, but that was rebalanced. Also, when you level, any extra XP you earn is rolled over into the next level. This means the ideal situation is to get 1 XP shy of leveling and then do a job that provides the most XP for you last so you get the most spill-over into the next level. For instance, at level 4, you could do “Mugging” until you are at 44/45 and then do “Auto Theft” which would push you 7 XP into level 5 with a full energy refill.
Top Mafia bonuses and Energy leveling
Your Top Mafia Mastermind and Wheelman also can greatly impact the speed at which you level based on energy. You get a bonus to the amount of XP you get per job based on the number of jobs your Top Mafia Mastermind has completed. Your Wheelman, the highest level Fearless member of your mafia, will give you a reduction on the amount of energy it takes to do the job. Similarly, if you are the Mastermind for one of your friends, you will sometimes get a 50% bonus to the XP you earn per job you do and if you are one of your friend’s Wheelman, you will sometimes have a job you complete cost 0 energy. Here are some estimates on what bonus you will get depending on your friends, we will continue to refine them as more information comes in.

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