Rosalie Aprile

“She (Hillary Clinton) stood by him and put up with the bullshit and in the end, what did she do? She set up her own little thing.”

The quintessential mob woman, Rosalie Aprile is smoky-voiced and tough talking, and always immaculately dressed, coiffed and manicured. She grew up around “the life” and, like most females in that world, was married at a young age to a wise guy wannabe. In her case, the wannabe was Jackie Aprile, who eventually became the head of the New Jersey organization – even Tony Soprano reported to him. When Jackie died of cancer, Rosalie became a sort of queen dowager of the Garden State rackets.

Rosalie has seen more than her share of tragedy. In addition to her husband’s death, her son, Jackie, Jr. – whom Rosalie had hoped would marry Meadow Soprano – was shot to death in what, she was told, was a drug deal gone bad. Unknown to Rosalie, the shooting was actually a hit ordered by her then-boyfriend, Ralph Cifaretto. Rosalie’s relationship with Ralph came to an end, ironically, when he grew impatient with her depression over young Jackie’s death. But as testament to Rosalie’s compassion, when Ralph’s son was seriously injured in an accident, she reached out to him. “Until you’ve been through it yourself,” she told him, “you don’t know.”

Her compassion and common sense have made Rosalie a valued friend and confidant of Carmela Soprano. It was Rosalie with whom Carmela discussed her feelings for Furio – and it was Rosalie who counseled her friend to forget him. Rosalie had once had her own extramarital dalliance, and knew the potential danger. “If Tony suspects one iota, you know what’ll happen to Furio,” she told Carmela, “These guys are living in a different century.” Rosalie is ever mindful of the world in which she and Carmela live. But unlike Carmela, she’s not tortured by it; Rosalie is clear-eyed about the life she’s chosen and accepts it as is.


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