Carmela Soprano

“Maybe you pass out because you’re guilty over something. Maybe the fact you stick your d**k in anything with a pulse.”

Carmela DeAngelis first laid eyes on her future husband in high school, where she and Tony Soprano appeared to be worlds apart from each other. Whereas Tony was an uninspired student and outsider, Carmela was studious and popular. Carmela had her sights set on college; Tony seemed destined for a life in the New Jersey rackets. That these two opposites would attract -let alone marry and build a life together – might, at first, seem surprising. But on closer examination, they almost seem made for each other.

Carmela was acquainted with gangster life long before she took her first ride in Tony’s Trans Am. One of her cousins was a mob tough who was gunned down in front of his own house. All things considered, it’s not so surprising that Carmela quit her studies in Business Administration at Montclair State University and became Mrs. Anthony Soprano.

Being the First Lady of the New Jersey mob has its advantages, like a beautiful house, furs, expensive jewelry – and power. When an acquaintance declined to write a letter of recommendation for Meadow’s college application, Carmela brought her a ricotta pie and not-so-subtly convinced her to reconsider. But there are drawbacks to the life, too, and they are considerable. Carmela has spent the better part of her marriage contending with goomars, G-men and the strong possibility she’ll be widowed in a bloody and violent fashion. She has also found it increasingly difficult to reconcile the brutal nature of Tony’s profession with her religious faith.

Despite all that, and despite a mutual infatuation with crew member Furio Giunta — and even a separation from Tony — Carmela has concluded that she is better off with her husband than without him. Almost losing Tony to Junior’s errant bullet has made her even more certain.


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